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Health Insurance for an Overweight Applicant

Share Tweet Pin +1Shares 0Many people with weight problems are worried about getting health insurance and how much health insurance will cost. The best way to confront these worries is to inform yourself about the situation for overweight people who are looking for health insurance. The first thing you should know is that obesity is […]

My Health Insurance Costs Too Much

Health insurance costs are high in the U.S. compared to other countries. In the decades since WWII, health care costs have risen and sometimes in alarmingly large amounts. In the environment of rising health care costs, insurance companies have raised prices both to cover costs and to increase profits. Public health care programs had lower […]

How to Find a Good Health Insurance Agent

Many people who are looking for health insurance are worried about finding a good health insurance agent. There are several ways to research health insurance agents to ensure that you find one that will help you get the best deal. You can check out reviews online, look up the Better Business Bureau rating, and speak […]

Health Insurance for an Australian Visitor

Visitor’s medical insurance is a temporary insurance policy that you can purchase in the United States when you are traveling from Australia. It can help you pay the high cost of medical services while traveling in case you need American medical services. The health care system in the United States operates differently than in Australia […]

What is community rating in healthcare?

Community rating is an essential element of Obamacare; community rating puts every qualified applicant on an equal footing as to terms, coverage, and price. Community rating excludes the use of individual traits, medical histories, and physical or mental conditions. The Obamacare Marketplace offers plans with community rating. Comparison shopping is an ideal way to select […]

What is the role of a third party administrator in health insurance?

It is very important that you should keep yourself informed of all facets of your health insurance. This includes whether or not your health insurer contracts out some of their services to third party administrators. Of course, it also includes learning about what a third-party administrator is and how you interact with them. Thankfully, it […]

What is a GAP health insurance plan?

The insurance industry offers products to fit situations when consumers need a coverage solution to avoid a gap in coverage. The industry offers plans called short-term or temporary insurance; it is insurance that consumers can customize to fill a gap before getting longer-term coverage. The Affordable Care Act set standards for qualified coverage, and short-term […]

Medical Insurance for a Single Person

Many single individuals use the Health Insurance Marketplace to find medical coverage. The Marketplace will help you find health insurance if you currently do not have a plan. Since the Affordable Care Act requires every American to have a qualifying health insurance plan, you can use the Marketplace to find a qualifying plan if you […]

What is a healthcare plan administrator?

A health care administrator is the person directly responsible for your plan. They establish policies through your employer to then decipher the coverage of you and your family. More often than not, a health care administrator is a third-party person. Often they represent an employer or union. A third-party health care administrator, also known as […]

Is a physical exam required for health insurance?

Signing up for health insurance in days past meant having to undergo a health exam to determine your current state of health and what your risk of disease or illness might be. ┬áThe healthcare reform has done away with stipulations on pre-existing conditions. No individual can be denied coverage, or be held at a higher […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save