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Do auto insurance companies do background checks?

Your background can affect several different aspects of your life. From getting a job to qualifying for a license, having blemishes on your criminal and credit reports can impact your future in a negative way. Insurance is one of the few products that you’re required by law to purchase. Since it’s mandatory, you need to […]

Online Annuities-Start Planning for Tomorrow by Looking for Online Annuities Today

Many people don’t have the first clue about what to do when it comes to planning for their future retirement. You can stay financially safe by planning ahead. Online annuities are one method of doing that. Enter your zip code into the comparison tool and compare annuity quotes now! If you are searching for online […]

Best Annuities

Annuities can be a controversial investment, even the best annuities. Not because they are a high risk or because so many people have been scammed, but because you face high losses if you have to withdraw your money early and the fact that the FDIC doesn’t protect your annuities if the company you purchase your […]

Annuities Comparison

Performing an online annuities comparison will yield a list of investment vehicles that offer a stream of future income. This is the type of investment many people purchase when they have maxed out their contributions to their 401K or IRA. Annuities have tax deferred features that make them an attractive retirement option. To receive annuities […]

Cheap Annuities

You want to save money when you invest, that is why finding cheap annuities is so important for many people. This is especially true if you are considering investing in variable annuities because the fees and costs can be quite high. Compare annuity quotes online by entering your zip code right now! There are several […]

What is a 403a annuity?

A 403a annuity is an annuity that can only be purchased through the workplace and is purchased with before taxed money. There are actually two types of 403 annuities: 403a and 403b. Get free online annuity rates with your zip code now! A 403a annuity is a work-sponsored annuity that any for profit organization can […]

What type of investments are excluded from a variable annuity?

In short, the insurance company reserves the right to exclude any risky investments in an annuity contract. Commonly excluded investments include life insurance contracts and collectibles. To compare annuity quotes just enter your zip code now! Let’s first consider what is involved in a variable annuity contract, and how investment relates to income. An annuity […]

Should I cash in my annuity to pay off credit card debt?

The decision to cash in an annuity to pay off credit card debt can be a good move, or a bad one depending on your specific circumstances. There are many things to consider but the bottom line is that cashing in an annuity to pay off credit card debt should be your last resort. Get […]

If I am listed as the beneficiary on an annuity do I have to pay taxes on it?

If you are listed as the beneficiary of an annuity, you will not have to pay income taxes on the death benefits you receive from it. There may be an inheritance tax or estate tax that applies to the amount. Get free online insurance quotes by entering your zip code above now! The financial planner, […]

How does a charitable gift annuity work?

A charitable gift annuity is a way of making a donation to a favorite charity while benefitting from it with monthly income revenue. Instead of giving your money to a charity through your will, you can give it to them while you’re still alive and receive part of it back every month when you are […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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