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Car Insurance for Exotic Cars

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The lowdown...
  • Purchasing car insurance for an exotic car may be more expensive than coverage for regular vehicles
  • While some companies may specialize in providing car insurance for exotic cars, not every provider will work this way
  • Shopping around and getting quotes from different insurance providers can help you determine the best course of action
  • You may face policy requirements or conditions to cover your car, such as limiting the mileage driven each year or meeting storage requirements
  • These policies are often more expensive due to the costs associated with repairing or replacing exotic vehicles

When you purchase an exotic car, it may be a vehicle you plan to use for limited amounts of time or special occasions only.

However, you may want to purchase car insurance for your exotic vehicle to make sure you’re protected from unexpected losses.

While coverage for exotic cars will often cost more than coverage for regular cars, you can shop around for the best coverage at the best price. Enter your zip code in our free comparison tool above to find the best insurer for you.

Choosing the Right Insurance Coverage for Exotic Cars


When purchasing car insurance coverage for an exotic car, you should remember that the coverage offered will be similar to the coverage for other unique vehicle types, including:

These vehicles often prove more difficult to cover against losses because of higher repair and replacement costs as well as the increased risks they face.

Insurance carriers may charge more for covering these vehicles to help offset the claims they may settle.

Remember that whichever insurance provider you choose, one that specializes in exotic vehicles or one that does not, you may encounter larger premiums than originally expected.

The premium payments you make become a prepayment for the monetary losses that your insurance carrier may incur when covering your claims.

Higher premium costs may push you to look at ways to reduce your cost, such as reducing the amount of coverage you purchase or lowering the limits you select.

Before making your final decision about the amount of car insurance coverage you need, make sure to assess your risks and the potential costs you would face without that coverage.

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Things to Remember About Insurance Coverage for Exotic Cars

The more unique or expensive the car, the more money your insurance provider will have to spend if you file a claim to repair or replace your vehicle. Exotic cars will often cost more to cover than regular, traditional vehicles.

To offset the premium costs associated with your vehicle while maximizing the coverage you get, you will want to look at reducing your risk exposure.

One way to reduce your insurance costs, even for exotic cars, is to choose a deductible for your insurance policy.

The insurance deductible is the amount of any covered loss that the policyholder is responsible for; this amount could be required before a claim is resolved or it could be removed from the settlement before it’s paid out.

Keeping high-risk and young drivers off your insurance policy is another way to reduce your risk, thereby reducing your premium costs.

Younger or teen drivers are often involved in accidents with other drivers. Allowing teenage drivers to be on your policy means that your vehicle will be facing an increased amount of risk.

High-risk drivers may have a poor driving record or a lackluster insurance history, both of which can be red flags to an insurance provider.

A history of accidents, claims, citations, or other high-risk driving habits can all indicate that a driver will more likely be involved in a claim situation.

Adding drivers that fall within this category will often raise your premium costs or make obtaining coverage more difficult.

For exotic car insurance coverage, you can speak to your insurance provider about discounts you can utilize.

  • Low mileage discount – Exotic cars are often driven less than regular cars, meaning that low mileage discounts or low vehicle use discounts may be available.
  • Security discount – Security features and anti-theft devices may help reduce your premium costs.

Make sure to speak with your potential or current provider about the options they have available for exotic vehicles.

If your current provider cannot meet your insurance needs, or a potential provider seems to be priced much higher than you can afford, shop around for more coverage quotes.



Exotic vehicles face risks that are both consistent with what regular cars face, as well as some risks that exotic vehicles are more susceptible to. They may also be exposed to these risks:

  • higher opportunities for theft
  • increased risk of vandalism
  • higher repair or replacement costs

If you end up filing a claim for your vehicle, there will often be higher costs associated with helping you recover from your loss.

Before choosing your car insurance, it’s crucial that you look at getting policy limits that meet your expectations.

You can shop around by contacting multiple providers to get quotes for an exotic vehicle, and you may want to consider providers that specialize in exotic vehicle car insurance

Specialty insurers may provide better policy limits, conditions, and terms to protect your car from unexpected risks.

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