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Auto Insurance for Kit Cars

Kit cars, also known as component cars, are automobiles sold by the manufacturer as parts that the buyer can assemble into a functioning car. Buyers purchase sets of different car parts and assemble them on their own. The most important detail here is that the owner builds a vehicle that is customized to every last […]

What to Do if No Car Insurance Will Cover Me

Almost all states require each driver to have a kind of financial responsibility to pay for expenses caused by traffic accidents. One common way of establishing this financial responsibility is having auto insurance. What if you consult several insurers and they deny you coverage? Are there other options you can explore? Although most people may […]

How to Pick a Good Car Insurance Company

Choosing auto insurance involves more than simply purchasing a policy at random and accessing whatever protections the policy affords. Buying auto insurance entails entering into a contractual agreement with a particular insurance company. Signing a deal with a quality insurance company is critical to a long and financially beneficial relationship. No customer wishes to have […]

How to Move My Car Without Insurance

Did you know car accidents cost the country over $230 billion every year? Annually, over 37,000 people die from car crashes, and over 2.3 million sustain serious injuries, and some are disabled. The law requires every driver on US roads to have insurance. Even in New Hampshire — the only US state that does not require […]

How does no claims discount work on auto insurance?

It feels good to be rewarded for a job well done. When you get more than just a pat on the back, you feel like you’re being acknowledged for your efforts. Pats on the back from insurance companies come in the form of discounts. And typically, you get these discounts for the things that you […]

How to Get a Car Off Your Insurance

Car insurance is one of the many things you don’t learn about in high school that you should probably take the time to research. As long as you plan on applying for a driver’s license and purchasing a car of your own, you’ll have to buy at least basic coverage. When you don’t know how […]

Is car insurance paid a month in advance?

Car insurance companies make you pay for your policy upfront. They aren’t like cell phone companies, many of which bill you at the end of each service month. You have to pay for your policy in advance because the insurance company wants you to have some skin in the game. They also want to have […]

Do aftermarket parts affect insurance?

Aftermarket parts, or performance parts, are accessories that you add to a vehicle after its purchase. Common aftermarket parts include sport wheels, rims, “spinners,” cold air intakes, and turbochargers. Many of these parts are designed to increase your vehicle’s performance. Others exist solely for looks. Regardless of whether your aftermarket parts are for performance or […]

How to File a Claim on Someone Else’s Auto Insurance

Being a careful driver is more virtuous than most realize. A safe and careful driver does their best to avoid getting into accidents or causing serious calamities on the road. Since no one is perfect and drivers do make mistakes, auto liability insurance becomes necessary to purchase. Liability insurance protects personal assets from civil actions […]

Declaration Page for Car Insurance

You’ll receive several different pieces of mail from your insurer after you apply for insurance. The first document that the average consumer is given when they are shopping around is a quote. The quote will include the following: some of your basic rating information your name how much you’ll pay for specific coverage limits for […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save