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What company will sell me commercial boat insurance?

Working in marine commercial industries provides numerous opportunities for companies, but it comes with a great responsibility for commercial boat insurance. In this field, the business depends on the optimal functioning of the vessel and there is also the increased liability of any passengers, merchandise and crew or other employees. Find the best insurance companies […]

What is the average cost of boat insurance?

How much do the average boat insurance rates cost? What exactly is the purpose of boat insurance anyway? Boat owners aren’t necessarily taking their boats out every day and boats aren’t running into each other all the time, so it would be all right to save the money and not purchase a boat insurance policy, right?. […]

Online Boat Insurance

Just like you wouldn’t get into a car without car insurance, you shouldn’t get into a boat without boat insurance. Boat insurance is available from many reputable insurance companies. In order to get full protection at the best rates, you can get online boat insurance quotes quickly and easily by entering your zip code at […]

Boat Insurance: Comparison Tips to Get the Right Coverage

Take some time to think about your boat insurance; comparison shopping and checking out rates and coverage options from different providers are the best way to get the right level of coverage for your needs. For immediate insurance quotes, enter your zip code today! The cost of boat insurance will be based on your boat […]

Best Boat Insurance

Your boat is a source of fun for your entire family, right? This is the thing that you use when it’s a beautiful day and you want to spend some time outside enjoying it. Not only that, but it is a source of relaxation for a day of fishing or just to get away from […]

Cheap Boat Insurance: The Basics

Cheap boat insurance is easier to come by than many people expect. The choices you make will greatly impact the cost of your boat insurance. There are also tips to help you save money on boat insurance in unexpected ways. Find insurance quotes for your craft; simply type in your zip code now! If you […]

What type of boat insurance should I purchase?

Purchasing a boat is a major investment that deserves every bit of insurance attention your car and house get. If you’re a new boat owner you may be unaware that there are two basic types of insurance available for your craft. Which type you chose, along with policy enhancements you might add, is determined largely […]

Should I Buy Boat Insurance?

Questions about the desirability of buying boat insurance can be answered only after considering your unique situation. While it is a given that you should have some sort of coverage, there are different ways of protecting yourself when it comes to boat ownership. By answering the questions contained in this article, you can determine once […]

Is it illegal not to have boat insurance on your boat?

Many new boaters pull out of the marina with their purchase, wondering whether or not they are legally required to carry boaters insurance. Even in cases where the salesman instructs them on the issue, many are still confused because they think of their boat in the some way they do their car. The truth is, […]

If someone borrows my boat are they covered under my boat insurance policy?

Although the various states have differing regulations regarding boat insurance, the way policies are structured is pretty standard around the country. In the case of friends or extended family members, they will not be covered under a standard policy if they borrow your boat. The exception to this is an immediate family member who resides […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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