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Rental Car Business Insurance: When is it necessary?

Car insurance or proof of ability to pay for damages caused is required in every state. Business owners need to decide how best to make sure they and the business are protected when using a rented car for business purposes. Start by sourcing FREE insurance quotes with just your ZIP code today! For a majority […]

Should I Use a Small Business Insurance Agency?

Efforts to start a small business are made more challenging because of the many types of insurance that must be acquired. Since most people are not well-versed in insurance, one of the best approaches to purchasing coverage is to conduct some online research and then enlist the services of a small business insurance agency. Start […]

Do I Need Small Home Business Insurance?

Surveys show that 60% of home-based businesses do not have any type of business-related insurance. A survey by the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America (IIABA) show that many home-based businesses do not carry insurance which puts them and the business at risk since usually home insurance policies do not cover loss from a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Umbrella Insurance

A typical insurance policy offers basic protection, and umbrella insurance is used to extend a person’s protection even further. It will fill in the gaps of a person’s general policy and give added coverage for a variety of potential circumstances. A policy could be spread over a person’s automobile and home insurance, or an umbrella […]

Is data privacy insurance necessary?

Is data privacy insurance necessary? The simple answer and only answer is yes. In our contemporary digital age, not having data privacy insurance is leaving yourself open to host of cyber induced trouble and significant costs associated with security breaches and potential failure to comply with state and federal policies regarding client or patient privacy […]

Do I need short-term liability insurance?

If you are looking for a new liability insurance policy, or even if you already have insurance coverage, there may be times when you may need to ask yourself “Do I need short-term liability insurance?” There are a variety of reasons why you might need this type of insurance, and once you have established that […]

What does Internet liability insurance cover?

Internet liability insurance protects businesses and sole proprietors from losses related to Internet activity. Unfortunately, many people who are online approach business websites with malicious intent. Hackers may gain access to company websites and steal proprietary information or private customer information. In addition, businesses may simply make careless mistakes with information while online, and those […]

Do I need patent insurance?

Many people wonder, “Do I need patent insurance?” If you have not made any inventions, programs or products, then no, but that should be obvious. However, if you have ever made or want to make an invention, then getting patent insurance should be a high priority. You might think that you have a completely new […]

Should I buy wedding planner insurance?

Weddings are major events that may cost as much as a home down payment. People celebrate, and often drink too much, enhancing the possibility of venue damage or personal injury for which wedding planners or individuals could be liable. A wedding is one of the most important events of people’s lives; it should not be […]

Do business insurance benefits outweigh the costs?

Do business insurance benefits outweigh the costs? To answer this question each business must examine their specific insurance needs by performing a cost versus benefits analysis and include in this assessment the risks associated with daily business operations. You can find more affordable business insurance when you enter your ZIP code in our FREE comparison […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save