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Can I Get Travel Insurance If I Am Pregnant?

Can I Get Travel Insurance If I Am Pregnant?Yes you can get travel insurance if you are pregnant! In addition, you can purchase coverage at the same rate as any other travel insurance.

It is important to cover yourself while traveling in case of any unexpected situation. That includes lost luggage, medical emergency, loss passport, and pregnancy.

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Although it is offered and available at a reasonable rate many people still forego travel insurance. The good thing is that, since 9/11, more people realize the importance of it.

If you are pregnant, it is more important to cover yourself in the likelihood of premature labor or pregnancy complications.

What if I already have annual travel insurance?

It is important to make your current insurance company aware of your pregnancy if you are already covered under an annual travel insurance policy. Most of these policies have exclusions or riders for pregnancy, but this is one possibility you do not want to take for granted. Even though it is always smart to read the fine print in any policy, it would advisable to zoom in on this particular clause.

If there is no pregnancy provision in the policy, it is possible to add a rider or inclusion. In this case there may be an additional cost since it is considered a high risk addition to the base coverage. The location of your destination may also be a factor in the cost.

What does pregnancy travel insurance cover?

Pregnancy travel insurance covers most issues that could come up while traveling. The possibilities include:

This type of insurance does not cover normal childbirths anywhere except in transit. It also does not cover trips to the obstetrician or care for the newborn. Preexisting pregnancy related conditions will not be covered either.

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Pregnancy Insurance: Restrictions and Limitations

Most books for expectant mothers recommend that pregnant women travel in the second trimester. The risk of miscarriage is greater in the first trimester, while the risk is premature labor is highly possible in the third. Most pregnancy travel insurance requires the expectant mother to return to their point of origin before the 32nd week or eighth month.

A letter of good health may be required. If there have been prior complications in the current pregnancy or past pregnancies, the risk is greater. In cases where travel is still necessary, an additional provision may be necessary. These women can expect to pay more also. Some companies will not even take the risk; therefore, a specialized policy is optional.

A woman who is expecting a multiple birth is limited to 28 weeks gestation coverage. In vitro fertilization is another high risk for insurance carriers. When in vitro fertilization and the chance of multiple births are a combined risk, pregnancy travel insurance may be virtually impossible to obtain. Specialty pregnancy travel insurance may even be too expensive.

What if I am going to a developing country?

The general population should be current on all vaccines before traveling to third world, developing countries. Pregnant women should first ask their doctor if it is safe to travel to developing countries in their condition. They should consider the prospect of contracting malaria, cholera, staph, and other infections. If the insurance company is aware of your intent to go to a developing country, they may charge more for the policy.

Expatriate Insurance and Pregnancy

Expatriate insurance is intended for those who plan to spend more than 30 days in another country. It is best to have some kind of inclusion in the policy for pregnancy. In a situation where several months have passed since the policy was established, you would be well advised to check with the insurance company for any changes. Informing the insurance company of your condition may not be a bad idea either.

Where to Get Pregnancy Travel Insurance

This type of policy may be purchased through your current insurance carrier or through an outfit that specializes in this type of policy. The rate may depend on the state in which the policy is purchased and the destination. A regular healthcare policy may cover pregnancies in the second trimester as a standard provision, whereas subsidized insurance like Medicare may also consider travel during pregnancy. Although during your pregnancy may be the opportune time to have one last chance alone with your mate, or the perfect time to spend with family, it could cost you if you do not know how to shop for the right policy.

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