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Can you claim private health insurance and DSS benefits?

You can claim both private health insurance and Disability Social Security (DSS) benefits as your eligibility is not based on other health insurance you carry. However, payments like workman’s compensation and any public disability payments can have an effect on the benefit that you receive.

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What are DSS or SSDI benefits?

The term DSS is a slang shorthand. What we are actually discussing are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. This is a benefit provided by the US government only to citizens who have earned them by working in jobs that accrue Social Security benefits.

You probably get a statement in the mail from time to telling you just how much social security income you have accrued.

According the Social Security website, a 20 year old adult has a 30% chance of becoming disabled during his or her working years. So these benefits are important. They are not the same as Supplemental Security Income which is based solely on income.

If you are unable to work due to an injury that will last at least one year or, in the worst case scenario, result in death and you have worked in the US then you may be eligible. Visit the Social Security Administration website to answer any eligibility related questions you may have.

What will impact my ability to receive these benefits?

Other government benefits can diminish or affect the amount you get from social security. For example, if you are receiving workers compensation payments or a government pension, this can affect what you receive from disability social security benefits. Further, these benefits are based off the Social Security record of the individuals and are made in arrears. This means that they are made about a month behind.

How does my private health insurance impact my ability to receive disability payments?

Having private health insurance will not negate your ability to receive SSDI since this is based on your work history and comes out of the social security funds that would other wise be yours upon retirement. However, your private health insurance or long term disability carrier will most likely encourage you to apply for social security disability benefits to offset some of their costs.

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If you do not have the option for private health insurance to run simultaneously with your disability social security benefits, most claimants will be eligible for Medicaid two years after the onset disability date. Don’t count on social security alone. Having some form of private health insurance in place is still needed. Compare health insurance quotes with the free tool above if you are without coverage.

If I’m already injured what do I do?

If you are in need of disability benefits visit the government website above and fill out an application form. You can apply online for the benefits you need. Then you will want to contact your private health insurance company separately.

Anyone applying for disability benefits is already in a stressful situation. Rest assured that there are several government programs you may be able to access for help. However, having your own private health insurance in place remains the foundation of financial health care planning. If you need to obtain insurance get online health insurance quotes and compare them before making any decision.

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