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Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Cheap Motorcycle InsuranceNow that you have earned a different type of freedom, you can put your bike on the road. Before you do however, find some cheap motorcycle insurance that will meet your needs while allowing you to put more money in the bank.

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A motorcycle, unlike the average car, can be considered a recreational vehicle; therefore, is not a necessity unless it is your only source of transportation. Maintain the privilege of that different kind of freedom by purchasing some affordable insurance.

Is cheap motorcycle insurance than car insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is cheaper than car insurance in most cases. There are some circumstances where motorcycle insurance can cost more than car insurance, especially if the driver is young, has several driving offenses, or has a new custom bike.

The bodily injury section and property damage section of a motorcycle policy is going to be much less than the bodily injury and property damage section of a policy on a car since a bike poses less risk of damage to others than a car.

When it comes to the comprehensive section of the policy, the opposite holds true. So is the case with collision coverage on bikes since they are likely to be damaged or even totaled in a collision with a car. Each state has its own minimum coverage requirements.

Can I get a discount as part of a motorcycle club?

Yes, there are several motorcycle clubs that work with insurance companies to offer discounts to their members. One is the American Motorcyclist Association. Some specialty motorcycle insurance carriers may also honor the mention of an affiliation.

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How much can I expect to pay for cheap motorcycle insurance?

A cheap motorcycle insurance policy could run from $120 per year to $1,000 per year. The insurance company bases its premiums on the same factors it does to rate car drivers. Some of those factors are:

  • Zip code
  • Age
  • Driving points (including car driving history)
  • Credit history
  • Make and model of your motorcycle or bike
  • Eligible discounts

Eligible discounts are those received as a good driver, club affiliate, organization member, or because of safety devices on your bike. The make and model of your bike determines whether your premium is going to be closer to the cheapest or the most expensive. Where your bike is going to be parked weighs almost as heavy as your credit history and age.

How can I save on motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle safety classes are offered by DMV and private organizations that are certified by DMV as authorized locations. This is a sure way to cheap motorcycle insurance. Security devices and other safety features also warrant insurance discounts. There are some carriers who specialize in motorcycle coverage, and are therefore able to offer it at discount rates. Several major carriers consider motorcycles and mopeds a great risk. Consequently, the premium is slightly higher.

The usage of your motorcycle may save you money as well. Most bike owners only ride during the summer months. If this is the case for you, this is another way to save. Yet another idea is, instead of trying to cover the replacement value of the bike, take less collision coverage and more of the financial responsibility. This idea works better with an older bike.

Can I add my motorcycle to my car insurance policy?

Adding your motorcycle to your existing car policy is a frugal way to have cheap motorcycle insurance. Most carriers will discount coverage when you add multiple vehicles to your policy. Even if you have a separate home owner’s policy with the same company, they will extend a multi-policy discount.

Where can I find cheap motorcycle insurance?

Cheap motorcycle insurance is not hard to find. There are many choices of carriers to serve the variation of need. Motorcycle club sites may be resource also. Many websites will allow you to compare several motorcycle insurance carriers at once. You can compare major carriers as well as small to medium carriers alike for the best coverage your money can buy.

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