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Cheap Pet Insurance

Cheap Pet InsuranceIt is becoming more and more common to insure your pet these days, especially since you can buy cheap pet insurance, but you can’t get cheap veterinary service. Advanced medical technology is being used in the veterinary field to help extend the life of your beloved animal family member so you can enjoy additional years together.

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You can buy pet insurance for almost every type of pet imaginable. Even exotic pets can be covered as long as they are legal pets to have. If it is not legal to have an alligator then you will not be able to buy pet insurance, or home insurance that allows exotic pets, for it. If it is legal to have a pot bellied pig, then you will be able to insure your little piggy.

Dogs and cats are the most common pets to insure, with birds being the third most common. Other pets that people insure can even include mice or turtles.

People choose to buy pet insurance because the costs of veterinary care continue to increase along with all of the other expenses for survival. If you buy cheap pet insurance you can have financial assistance with routine procedures and emergency life saving accident coverage. Pet insurance comes on different levels just like people’s health insurance, so you can choose the plan that makes the most sense for your budget and your concerns.

Cheap Pet Insurance for Dogs

As a puppy, your pet dog needs vaccinations and booster shots. If you do not plan on breeding him you will probably have him neutered (or spayed if he is a she). Puppies also can get into trouble and get hurt or eat things they shouldn’t have eaten (such as a shoe lace or even part of a shoe).

When your puppy grows he will turn into an adult dog that will then need veterinary care for common ailments such as dental disease, ear infections, bladder infections, or skin infections. He may even be prone to having diarrhea or problems with vomiting that may require medication.

With proper veterinary care, your grown dog will continue to be a member of your family into his senior years, at which time pet insurance can help you with the costs of arthritis, heart disease, and even cancer. By having pet insurance throughout your dog’s life, you can save a lot of money on vet costs and enjoy your pet for as long as medically possible.

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Cheap Pet Insurance for Cats

Some people don’t think of insuring their pet cat, especially if the cat remains indoors. However, cats have very specific veterinary needs that can help maintain a healthy life for your pet and allow you to have many years together. Age is a factor:

  • As a kitten, you will need your pet to receive various vaccinations and booster shots. Unless you intend on breeding your cat, you will probably want to have it neutered or spayed. Just like a dog gets into trouble as a puppy, the curious kitten can also end up with various injuries or ingest foreign objects that require veterinary care.
  • Cats of all ages should have their teeth cleaned regularly, but if they end up with dental disease your costs for veterinary care can increase drastically. Cheap pet insurance can help cut these costs along with the vet costs of other adult cat disorders such as upper respiratory disease and bladder infections.
  • Senior cats can develop cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism. As long as your cat is covered by pet insurance without a pre-existing condition, your pet coverage can help you pay for your cat’s health care so that you can get fifteen years or more together.

Cheap Pet Insurance for Birds and Exotic Animals

Birds and other exotic animals also require medical attention at one time or another. If you buy insurance for your pets then you may be able to afford medical treatments, surgeries, X-rays, and even medication for your winged or furry friend.

In addition to having coverage for major medical, illness, or accidental injury, you can buy supplemental insurance for routine exams, nail clippings, and blood tests. This can be as cheap as $100 per year and provide you with benefits that are almost double the value.

Whether you pay a lot of money for your animal or get your pet for free from a shelter, you most likely want to enjoy many happy and healthy years together. You may decide you can afford veterinary care without the cost of pet insurance, but if you can get cheap pet insurance it may help you avoid having to make harsh decisions about your pet’s care.

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