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Average monthly rate for good drivers:


A.M. Best rating:


Complaint level:



  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Unique coverage options included in some plans
  • High coverage limits available


  • Limited discount options
  • Higher rates than most other competitors
  • Not all types of coverage are available in every state

The Bottom Line

Established over 100 years ago, Chubb is a respectable car insurance company offering excellent customer service, unique coverage options, and a high-quality experience. Unfortunately, Chubb’s overall rates are much higher than the national average.

Chubb sells car insurance and other types of coverage in all 50 states, but not all policies are available in every state. In addition, since it focuses on top-notch customer experience rather than low rates, Chubb isn’t the best choice for drivers looking to keep their monthly premiums low.

Aside from standard auto coverage, Chubb is also one of the best classic car insurance companies on the market. From high coverage limits to agreed-upon value for every car, Chubb is an excellent choice for insurance if high rates don’t bother you.

Explore Chubb auto insurance reviews below to see what this high-end company can do for you. Then, compare other options to ensure you get the best policy possible.

Is Chubb Group of Insurance Companies a Good Choice?

Chubb sells car insurance throughout the U.S. and is generally considered a solid choice for car insurance. However, Chubb isn’t the right choice for drivers who stick to a budget since its rates tend to be much higher than the national average.

One of the best ways to determine whether an insurance company is good is to view third-party ratings. For example, A.M. Best rates companies on financial strength — the stronger a company is financially, the more likely it’ll pay your future claims.

With over $200 billion in assets, Chubb has a superior score of A++ from A.M. Best, indicating that the company is doing well and you won’t have to worry about your policy.

Another indicator of a good insurance company is its complaint index score from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which compares a company’s number of complaints against its size. The national average index is 1.0, meaning anything lower indicates the company receives fewer-than-average complaints. Chubb has a 0.67 for its auto insurance and a 0.29 for homeowners policies, meaning most customers are satisfied with their service.

While Chubb is a relatively large insurance company, there currently isn’t a Chubb insurance company rating from other prominent third-party rating companies like J.D. Power or the Better Business Bureau.

Chubb Pros and Cons

Generally speaking, Chubb is considered a good insurance company. However, every insurance company has faults, and Chubb is no different. Looking at a company’s pros and cons is a good place to start when searching for insurance.

You’ll find the following benefits with Chubb:

  • Excellent customer service ratings
  • Unique coverage options included in some plans
  • High coverage limits available

While Chubb has a lot to offer, it has a few drawbacks. Look for the following cons when shopping at Chubb:

  • Limited discount options
  • Higher rates than most other competitors
  • Not all types of coverage are available in every state

Of course, the only way to know whether a company is right for you is to delve deeper. Learn more about Chubb below.

How do you file a Chubb auto insurance claim?

Like most car insurance companies, Chubb has several options for filing Chubb auto claims. The most convenient is to use the app or website, but you can also speak with a representative on the phone or by visiting your local office.

When you need to file an auto insurance claim, you should have the following information on hand:

  • Your policy number
  • The date and location of the incident
  • A description of the incident, including who was involved and what damage occurred
  • A police report number

Chubb recommends starting your claim as quickly as you can. The faster you file your claim, the quicker Chubb can help you get back on the road.

Does Chubb have a mobile app?

Most major insurance companies offer a mobile app, and Chubb is no different. However, Chubb is unique in that it offers several mobile apps to policyholders. To manage your Chubb insurance, consider the following apps:

  • Chubb Mobile. For your car insurance, you can pay your bills, start claims, view your ID cards, and add a new vehicle to your policy with Chubb Mobile.
  • Chubb’s Mobile Estimate. This app helps you estimate how much your car repairs will be after an accident. You can send a photo of your car damage, and Chubb will send an estimate after a few hours.
  • MyCombined. This mobile app combines all your Chubb policies into one easy-to-use location. Pay your bills, start a claim, and view your policies on MyCombined.
  • Chubb Connect. Use this app to connect to Wi-Fi spots worldwide when you travel. It also sends you relevant travel alerts.
  • Chubb Travel Smart. Travel Smart gives you essential information about any location you travel to, including local crime rates, passport requirements, and health concerns.
  • Chubb at the Wheel. Chubb’s teen driving program monitors young drivers. Once enough data is collected, Chubb will generate ways for teens to improve their driving.
  • Cyber Alert. Cyber Alert makes it easy to report an online security breach and get help from specialists.

These apps are available on Apple and Android, though availability might vary. Regardless of your platform, most Chubb reviews are positive, though many complain about the app’s lag.

Does Chubb get a lot of complaints?

According to Chubb’s NAIC rating, it does not get very many complaints. Most customers are satisfied with Chubb’s insurance, though its homeowners performs slightly better than its auto coverage.

Chubb’s negative online reviews are relatively few and far between. Negative reviews primarily focus on the company declining to renew policies after customers made large claims and that it can be challenging to get Chubb to pay certain types of claims.

However, most Chubb car insurance reviews express total satisfaction. Most customers say that Chubb representatives are knowledgeable and professional. In addition, positive reviews often report that the higher prices at Chubb are worth the excellent service.

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Rates

Unlike most car insurance companies, Chubb takes pride in its expensive, high-quality coverage. Due to this, Chubb’s prices tend to be much higher than many of its competitors.

Before you look at how much Chubb insurance costs, you should understand what factors companies consider when crafting your rates. Insurance companies use the following factors to craft your rates:

  • Location. Companies carefully track claims, including where they get filed. You’ll see different rates by moving even one ZIP code.
  • Age and gender. Another piece of data insurance companies track is claims by age and gender. Men and young drivers pay more for insurance, but the price gap lessens with age.
  • Driving history. One of the best ways a company can assess your potential risk is to look at your driving history. You’ll pay more for car insurance if you have an at-fault accident, speeding ticket, or DUI on your record.
  • Marital status. Married couples file fewer claims than their single counterparts, so insurance companies charge them less for coverage.
  • Amount of coverage. As you saw above, you can buy several types of insurance from Chubb. However, the more you add to your policy, the more you’ll pay.
  • Credit score. Most states allow companies to look at your credit score to determine your rates. Companies charge more if you have a lower credit score because you’re statistically more likely to file a claim.
  • Car make and model. People with sports or luxury cars pay more for car insurance, primarily because repair costs are higher.

Most companies use these factors to craft your rates, but each has a different formula. This difference in formulas is why it’s important to compare rates with multiple companies — you’ll probably overpay if you don’t.

Chubb tends to be higher than most other companies. For example, the national average for full coverage is about $167 a month, while Chubb’s is about $206.

Chubb Auto Insurance Rates by Age

Car insurance companies charge more to insure young drivers for a few reasons, chiefly that they file more claims. In addition, young drivers are more likely to drive recklessly and don’t have the experience to handle every dangerous situation the road can throw at them.

While Chubb’s rates are usually much higher than the national average, its rates for young drivers are about 22% less. The national average for an 18-year-old driver is about $500 a month, which means Chubb charges about $391.

Chubb Auto Insurance Rates After a Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic infractions in America. Depending on where you live, speeding tickets can come with hefty fines, points on your record, and a suspended license. They also increase how much you’ll pay for car insurance.

On average, a speeding ticket increases your insurance rates by about 23%. The national average rate for car insurance after a speeding ticket is about $147 per month. Chubb is significantly more expensive, costing an average of $216 per month.

Although getting a speeding ticket means you’ll pay more for insurance, you won’t be stuck with high prices forever. If you can keep your record clean of additional infractions, your rates will return to normal after about three years.

Chubb Auto Insurance Rates After an At-Fault Accident

At-fault accidents are another incident that will significantly impact your insurance rates. The average at-fault accident raises your insurance rates by about 42%, and they usually come with other penalties like fines and license points. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for your own car repairs if you don’t have collision insurance.

Once again, Chubb auto insurance after an at-fault accident is more expensive than the national average. While the average car insurance quote after an accident is $173 a month, Chubb customers should expect around $266.

Like speeding tickets, at-fault accidents don’t affect your insurance rates forever. The typical at-fault accident falls off your record after three years, though it depends on the nature of the incident. For example, an at-fault accident with a DUI charge will take seven years before it stops affecting your insurance. Learn more about how long an accident stays on your record.

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Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Discounts Available

Car insurance companies offer discounts to help customers save every penny possible on their coverage. While many of the largest companies offer long lists of discounts, Chubb national insurance company doesn’t have quite as long a selection. Chubb claims to focus on quality service over everything else, but it offers the following savings:

  • Multi-policy. Chubb sells many coverage types aside from auto insurance. If you buy additional policies, Chubb will give you a discount.
  • Multi-car. If your household has more than one vehicle, you can save on coverage for each if you include them in the same policy.
  • Anti-theft devices. Save on your comprehensive insurance by having anti-theft devices installed in your vehicle. Common anti-theft devices include GPS tracking and audible alarms.
  • Good student. Full-time students under 25 can earn a discount of between 10%-15% by maintaining a 3.0 GPA.
  • Defensive driving credit. If you pass a defensive driving course, Chubb won’t raise your insurance rates after your first traffic incident.
  • Anti-lock brakes. Chubb offers a small discount if your car comes with computerized anti-lock brakes.
  • Safety devices. You’ll see lower premiums if your vehicle has devices like air bags, passive restraints, or daytime running lights.

Keep in mind that availability varies by state, so you might not be able to get every discount listed above. Speak with a Chubb representative to see which discounts are available to you.

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Coverage Options

Like most insurance companies, Chubb sells enough coverage to meet the two main policy needs: minimum and full coverage auto insurance. While these aren’t the only types of insurance, they’re the most commonly purchased.

Each state’s laws define minimum insurance requirements, which is the least amount of coverage a driver needs to operate their vehicle. Some states require very little insurance, while others require far more coverage. Regardless, a Chubb representative will know exactly how much insurance you need in your state.

While never required by state law, full coverage offers much better protection for your car. However, rates for full coverage can be much higher than minimum insurance rates, so it’s important to choose the right amount for your needs.

For example, you’ll probably need full coverage if you have a loan or lease on your car. Full coverage is also good if your vehicle is valuable or you can’t afford to replace it. On the other hand, if your car is old or not worth much, you can probably buy minimum insurance.

Chubb sells everything you need to cover both minimum and full coverage, including the following:

  • Property damage liability. State law usually requires property damage liability insurance, which pays for damage you cause to other people’s belongings, including their vehicles and buildings.
  • Bodily injury liability. The other half of liability auto insurance covers injuries you cause to other drivers, their passengers, and other bystanders. It doesn’t cover your injuries.
  • Collision. If you want help paying for damage your car sustains after an accident, you’ll need collision auto insurance. Collision coverage also pays for repairs if you hit a stationary object like a tree.
  • Comprehensive. Comprehensive auto insurance covers damage caused by life’s unexpected events. It covers damage from extreme weather, fires, floods, animal contact, vandalism, and theft.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist. According to the Insurance Information Institute, one in eight drivers are without coverage. Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance protects you from drivers without enough coverage.
  • Personal injury protection/medical payments. Medical payments and personal injury protection insurance coverage pay for health care expenses for you and your passengers.

When you buy a full coverage policy, your plan includes everything listed above, which is why you’ll pay more than you would for minimum insurance. Most companies offer these basic coverages, but if finding the lowest possible rates is important to you, Chubb might not be the best option.

Does Chubb sell auto insurance add-ons?

Chubb is unique because it doesn’t bother trying to keep rates low. Instead, its target audience is financially comfortable drivers who can afford a higher level of service. To that effect, Chubb offers a Masterpiece insurance policy including the following coverages:

  • Rental reimbursement. When your car gets stuck at the repair shop after a covered accident, Chubb will reimburse up to $15,000 for a rental vehicle. Chubb doesn’t impose a per-day limit.
  • Worldwide rental. Your Chubb insurance extends to a vehicle you rent anywhere in the world.
  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Most car insurance companies require mechanics to use aftermarket parts when your car needs repairs. Chubb insists that mechanics use OEM parts instead.
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs. Your repairs are guaranteed for life if you get your car fixed at a Chubb-certified mechanic.
  • Personal information removal. If your vehicle gets totaled, Chubb ensures that personal data stored in your car’s systems get deleted, including GPS addresses, garage door codes, and phone contacts.
  • Identity management. Although it has nothing to do with your car, Chubb provides valuable help if you’re the victim of identity theft or fraud.
  • Lock and key replacement. If you need your locks or keys replaced, you don’t need to pay a deductible to make a claim.

If that’s not enough coverage for you, you can also choose from the following add-ons for your policy:

  • Ultra-high coverage limits. Chubb allows you to choose up to $10 million in liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.
  • Agreed value. Before your coverage starts, you and Chubb must agree on a set value for your car. If your vehicle gets totaled or stolen, Chubb will pay you the agreed amount rather than its depreciated value.

As you can see, Chubb offers various add-on coverages to increase the value of your policy. Most come with the Masterpiece plan, but a few extras are available for purchase.

Normally, drivers should avoid adding too much extra coverage to keep their rates low. However, Chubb rates are consistently high, no matter what you add.

Is there Chubb classic car insurance?

Although they have some of the same needs, classic cars require special considerations. Chubb sells policies that cover classic cars no matter what your needs are.

Chubb’s classic car insurance includes the following:

  • No mileage limits. Many companies impose strict mileage limits for classic cars, but Chubb does not. You can drive your classic car as much as you’d like and still be covered.
  • OEM parts. If Chubb can’t find OEM parts for your classic car, the company pays to have the parts fabricated.
  • Unlimited towing. Chubb will get your classic car to a mechanic or back home, no matter how far away you are.
  • Agreed value. When you sign up for your policy, Chubb agrees on a set value for your car. Chubb will reimburse you for the agreed value if your car gets totaled or stolen.
  • Total loss. If your car gets totaled, you can choose to keep the damaged cars and parts. Chubb will pay you the agreed-upon value minus its salvage worth.

This is only a small portion of what Chubb’s classic car insurance covers. Chubb also has several unique options to add to a classic car insurance policy — you can learn more by speaking with a representative.

Does Chubb sell other types of insurance?

Aside from car insurance, Chubb sells a variety of other policies so you can protect everything important in your life. For example, Chubb customers can buy the following insurance products:

  • Homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance with Chubb includes extended replacement costs, high coverage limits, and other extras like tree removal after a storm and electronic data restoration.
  • Umbrella. Umbrella insurance offers valuable protection if you reach the limits of other policies like homeowners or auto.
  • Renters. Landlords have insurance that protects their physical buildings but doesn’t cover their renters. Since renters insurance only covers your personal belongings, it’s usually cheap.
  • Home equipment. Replacing or repairing vital equipment in your home can be expensive. This insurance covers things like your electrical and HVAC systems.
  • Condo. Condos have similar needs to traditional homes, but a homeowners policy doesn’t cover everything. Condo insurance is specially tailored to condo owners.
  • Natural disasters. Chubb sells coverage for floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, wildfires, and hail.
  • Valuables. If you have valuable collections of art, jewelry, sports or music equipment, wine and spirits, or other expensive items, Chubb can cover them.
  • Travel. Chubb covers you when traveling abroad, whether for business or vacation. Travel insurance covers everything from trip delay to medical evacuation.
  • Watercraft. Chubb covers boats and yachts, guaranteeing coverage for more than $3 million.
  • Cyber insurance. Cyber insurance protects you and your family against cyber crimes. It helps replace stolen money and covers necessary fees to get your life back on track.
  • Farm and ranch. Chubb’s farm and ranch insurance cover everything from physical structures to crops and animals.

As you can see, Chubb offers various coverages to protect everything worth protecting in your life. As a bonus, you’ll likely get a discount if you buy more than one policy.

Find Chubb Auto Insurance Rates Today

While most car insurance companies tout the lowest rates on the market, Chubb takes a slightly different approach. Chubb focuses on quality service and extensive coverage for people who can afford to pay a little more for their insurance. Although rates are higher than the national average, Chubb doesn’t try to hide it.

No matter how much you can afford to spend on your insurance, you should still compare your options. Comparing quotes from other companies is the best way to see what policies are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Chubb?

ACE Limited acquired Chubb in 2016, although it still operates its own policies. The current CEO of Chubb is Evan Greenberg.

What states does Chubb sell insurance in?

Chubb sells insurance in all 50 states, though availability varies. You’ll need to check with a representative to see what policies are available in your area. You might also need a representative’s help to apply for insurance.

How do you cancel Chubb insurance?

Unfortunately, there is no online option to cancel your Chubb car insurance. Instead, you’ll need to email or fax a completed cancellation notice to end your Chubb coverage. The good news is that you probably won’t need to pay a cancellation fee.

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Dan Walker graduated with a BS in Administrative Management in 2005 and has been working in his family’s insurance agency, FCI Agency, for 15 years. He is licensed as an agent to write property and casualty insurance, including home, auto, umbrella, and dwelling fire insurance. He’s also been featured on sites like Reviews.com.

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