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Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters

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President: Kenneth William Dierschke
Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters
7420 Fish Pond Road P O Box 2689
Waco, TX 76702
Phone: (254) 772-3030
Toll Free: (800) 772-6535

Types of Insurance Offered

Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters Summary

Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters is a company that was incorporated in 1964-05-14. Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters is a Reciprocals insurance company and has assets of $15,083,696, capital of $0, and net surplus of $685,939.

The president of Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters is Kenneth William Dierschke, the treasurer is , and the secretary is . Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters insurance plans include auto, boat, business, and home.

Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters is located in Waco, TX and the phone number for Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters claims, customer, service, and additional information is (254) 772-3030.

Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters Location

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Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters Reviews: 3 Reviews

  1. TX Farm Bureau SUCKS 30. Jul, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    I was hit by someone with TXFB insurance. She ran a red light and caused 5000+ dollars damage to my car. She admitted she ran a red light. There were multiple witnesses and she received a ticket. When I got the one-sentence letter saying my claim was denied I was shocked.

    I called to find out why and they said it was because I broke the law bc I didn’t make sure the intersection was clear before I entered…are you kidding me? She broke the law when she run the red light.

    This company does not like to pay their claims. I’m thankful I have good insurance that will argue with the crooks at TXFB. If you sign up with them you might find yourself in small claims court like the girl that hit me.

    I shouldn’t be out the cost of my deductible because she has crappy TXFB insurance that doesn’t pay claims. I’m sure they have screwed more people than Tiger Woods.

  2. Jerod Herda 27. Sep, 2016 at 12:35 pm #

    Okay, here it goes…

    Texas Farm Bureau was great the first 2 years I had them. Unfortunately, after I renewed membership this year I started getting my statement with the due date in 4 to 5 days from receiving it. I get paid bi- weekly. If I pay my bills on Thursday I’m pretty much broke til next payday. If I get my bill the day after I pay all the bills, of course, I won’t be able to pay my coverage before the due date.

    After four times of this happening they cancelled me and my coverage laped. Now anywhere I get coverage is twice as much as what I use to pay because of some stupid law. Texas Farm Bureau can kiss my a**!

    If they want to make things right with me, I might be okay with them. As for now they won’t reinstate me because of their mistakes. Great business there y’all.

  3. HOPE YOU'RE NOT HIT BY SOMEONE WITH TFB 19. May, 2017 at 7:39 pm #

    Was rear ended by someone that had TFB insurance? The police report stated the person that hit me was at fault. The adjuster for Texas Farm Bureau refused to set me up a rental car. I use my vehicle for my job if I don’t have a vehicle I cannot do my job.

    I’m a contractor for a local Newspaper. I explained this to him multiple times to no avail. His comment to me was “Take Responsibility and find your own way to work, and stop blaming the wreck for not being able to work”. Now tell me, if my vehicle is in the shop for repairs due to one of your clients rendering my vehicle undrivable, how am I supposed to work? I’ve missed 6 days of work and working on more, still no vehicle.

    I hope you are not involved in an accident with someone who is insured with Texas Farm Bureau. I advise against doing business with them in any way. It’s an old-school ring of Good Ole Boys looking to stick it to ya.

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