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Do you have to have a driver’s license to buy auto insurance?

Drivers LicenseYou do not always have to have a proper driver’s license to buy auto insurance. However, it can be expensive and difficult to obtain car insurance without one.

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The ability to buy car insurance without a driver’s license depends in part on the age of the driver. If a person is a teenager living at home, it can be easier to purchase car insurance because it’s assumed that there will be a licensed driver there during the learning process.

This might occur when a child gets a learner’s permit. If someone is a legal adult it can be more difficult, especially if the person does not live with a parent or someone else who is licensed to drive.

The above paragraph assumes that one has never previously held a license or currently has at least a learner’s permit, although it can also be incredibly difficult to purchase car insurance if a person has just a learner’s permit. If you have already had a license at one point, any insurance company will most definitely want to look at your driving record before deciding whether or not they will extend a policy to you. But you may still be able to get insurance even if you’ve had a suspended, revoked, or expired license. It’ll likely be easier if the license had merely expired.

In these cases, the insurance company may just ask you to get a license within a certain amount of days, usually 30 or 45 days, particularly if your license was revoked or suspended because you didn’t have car insurance. Then, to get your license back, you will have to take your insurance card to court to prove you have insurance. However, if you don’t have your license within that time, your policy may be cancelled and then the process begins all over again.

If you are an immigrant with your International Driving Permit (IDP) you can get both a driver’s license and car insurance; although, again, it will be more difficult to get the insurance without the license.

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In the end, almost every state (excepting New Hampshire, as of 2010) requires that you have insurance, so you’re going to have to have some kind of policy on any car you own and want to drive, just as you are going to have to eventually have a driver’s license if you want to drive. And even the “live free or die” state requires that you have proof of financial ability to pay for damages you may cause if you choose not to carry that coverage.

If your license is suspended for failure to have insurance, your driving privileges can be totally revoked. You face a huge amount of different kinds of fines if you drive without either, and the consequences get worse if you are repeatedly found driving without either, obviously. You will probably need to obtain an SR-22 in this situation.

You face the likelihood of going bankrupt if you are involved in a major car accident without having car insurance for a number of reasons. It’s possible to go bankrupt even if the other person is at fault, because if they are underinsured—or uninsured—and you do not have insurance to protect yourself in cases such as that, there isn’t much more you can do. If you live in a tort state where it is relatively easy to sue another driver then the at fault driver is at very high risk.

It is probably more difficult to purchase an insurance policy with a learner’s permit (especially if the person is living on his or her own) than it is to purchase a policy without a driver’s license, because there a plethora of rules and restrictions that surround an insurance policy for a learner’s permit. So, that is good news if you have had a full license at some point.

You will need to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to get any definite answers to questions you may have about your license, and you will need to contact several insurance agencies (both local independent agencies as well as national companies—to determine what your insurance options may be).

If one company says “no,” that does not mean that they all will. Just remember that you know that you’ll have to get insurance one way or another, and don’t give up. On the other hand, just because one company says “yes” and offers you a specific quote, that does not mean that other companies will not both extend coverage to you and offer you a better rate. Always shop around and make sure you know what your options are.

There are several online car insurance quote tools that can help you further figure out what your options may be. Some companies will allow you to immediately purchase your insurance online, regardless if you have a current driver’s license or not. Again, don’t ever accept the first offer just because it is the first or because you don’t know if you will be eligible for insurance from anywhere else.

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