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Does a drug overdose cause a life insurance policy to be canceled?

Prescription DrugsA drug overdoes may cause a life insurance policy to be canceled. The answer is yes, if the drug overdose was a suicide and there is a suicide clause in the policy. The answer is no if the drug overdose was accidental and it happened more than 2 years after the policy was signed.

However, within these two circumstances there can be factors that affect how, when, and if the policy is paid. The following article provides more information about how a drug overdose can affect a life insurance policy payout.

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How does a drug overdose as a suicide affect a life insurance policy payout?

Most insurance policies have a suicide clause. This is a clause in the policy that says if a suicide happens less than two years after the policy is signed, no benefits will be paid. If the suicide occurs before the waiting period is up, some insurance companies will refund to the beneficiary the premiums paid minus processing fees. If the suicide occurs after the two year waiting period, some companies will pay the full amount while others will ask the family to show proof of mental illness or treatment for mental illness.

With a drug overdose, it can be tricky. Sometimes there is no way to prove whether or not a drug overdose was accidental or intentional. Unless other factors such as a suicide note or ongoing treatment for suicidal tendencies are found, the cause of death may be labeled as inconclusive. The only positive thing about this situation is that the burden of proof is on the insurance company. In other words, if the death was not labeled a suicide by a coroner, the insurance company will have to prove that it was indeed a suicide to deny the claim.

How does a drug overdose as an accident affect a policy payout?

An accidental drug overdose will not, in most cases, cancel a life insurance policy. However, it is important to note that there are some exceptions. The first exception is the two year waiting period. If the accidental drug overdose occurs before the two year waiting period, no benefits will be paid but premium amounts may be refunded to the beneficiary named on the policy.

The second exception comes into play if an accidental death clause is part of the life insurance policy. This is very uncommon for individual policies but quite common for group policies through an employer or organization. If you have a policy with an accidental death clause, the life insurance policy will be canceled in the case of an accidental drug overdose. As with the suicide clause, an accidental death clause may have a time limit that affects the payout situation.

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The third exception applies not only to an accidental drug overdose, but to all life insurance policies. That exception is called material misrepresentation. Material misrepresentation is when you knowingly misrepresent the information on your life insurance policy application. Be very careful when filling out your application because the insurance company will go through it with a fine tooth comb before paying out your claim.

For a drug overdose, the insurance company may look back over the application and review the answers to the questions about drug use. If it seems as if the applicant lied about drug habits and usage, they can refuse to pay because of material misrepresentation. This is not only outright lying but also leaving out pertinent information referred to as willful omission.

Any of these situations, clauses, or determinations by a life insurance company can be disputed. Again, the burden of proof is on the life insurance company. If you are disputing a denied claim, you may have to hire a lawyer in order to go toe to toe with the insurance company. The insurance industry has some of the toughest lawyers of any industry. At this point, you have to weigh the cost of a lawyer against the payout amount from the life insurance policy to see if the legal fight is worth it.

How do I find the best life insurance company?

To ensure that you are treated fairly and all the important details of a life insurance policy are taken care of, you need to choose a trustworthy insurance company that will work with you. You can use our free online insurance comparison tool to compare what different life insurance companies have to offer so that you can find a company that fits your needs. Enter your zip to start now!

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