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Dumb Driving Laws

Wow, wait until you get a look at this list of crazy driving laws!

Traffic laws are there to protect us all. Many are common sense: stopping at a red light to let other cars go, securing heavy loads so that they don’t fly off the back of your truck and flatten somebody’s grandma, or wearing your seatbelt. All of these laws save lives every day and make transportation safe and efficient (unless you live in Los Angeles that is). All the different regions of the US have their own unique traffic laws that they’ve felt compelled to pass.

Looking at the odd collection of dumb driving laws we’ve gathered up here, you can’t help but wonder what series of events led up to them being signed into law… Check out these crazy driving laws and then be sure to enter your zip code above for free online insurance quotes!


Dumb Driving Laws


How many people in Montana must have left a sheep in their cars for the state legislature to have decreed that no one is allowed to do it anymore. That’s right. If you have a sheep and you live in Montana, you cannot leave that sheep in your car unattended. Always use a spotter. For safety.

Alaska, meanwhile, has made it illegal for anyone to tie their dog to the roof of their car. Which is good for dogs, and for people, really. It’s cold in Alaska! Don’t put your dogs on the roof.

Arkansas apparently holds late evening refreshment in extremely high esteem, having forbidden anyone from blaring their horn after 9pm in any area where decent, hardworking people are serving ice cold beverages and sandwiches.

Burying someone is the only acceptable reason to drive your car into a graveyard in North Carolina. That’s pretty reasonable.

Denver, CO, has seen fit to outlaw driving black cars on Sundays. Possibly in accordance with some funeral or FBI undercover vehicle ordinance. Who knows…

In a case of something probably being more of a problem 60 years ago than it is today, California made it illegal for a woman to drive a car while wearing a housecoat. No word as to whether or not it’s legal for a man to drive while wearing one.

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Also from California: a law forbidding you from shooting any animal from you car, which is quite sporting, except that the law allows one notable exception: whales! If you are in a situation in California wherein you could open fire on a whale from your car, then by all means, go right ahead. Oddly enough, the same law is also in effect in Tennessee. Significantly less chance of you encountering a whale in Tennessee…

The town of New Britain, CT, boasts a commitment to traffic safety such that it forbids a fire truck from exceeding 25 miles an hour at any time – even on the way to a fire!

It’s always a good idea to be extra safe when roller skating on an active roadway with cars all around you. Canton, Ohio, however, has made it flat out illegal for cars to share the road with roller skaters.

Pennsylvania also cares about the safety and security of its livestock, requiring motorists traveling down country roads at night to pause every mile to launch a signal rocket. This helps make sure that the path is free of farm animals.

A law from a less-enlightened period in this nation’s history, still on the books in Memphis and New Orleans, decrees that lady drivers must have a man in front of their vehicles waving a warning flag.

Lastly, the great state of New Jersey wants you to have a happy day – whether you want to or not! To help you with this, they’ve gone ahead and made it illegal for you to frown at a New Jersey police officer for any reason, even as he or she is giving you a hefty ticket for speeding down the New Jersey Turnpike.

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