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What is community rating in healthcare?

Community rating is an essential element of Obamacare; community rating puts every qualified applicant on an equal footing as to terms, coverage, and price. Community rating excludes the use of individual traits, medical histories, and physical or mental conditions. The Obamacare Marketplace offers plans with community rating. Comparison shopping is an ideal way to select […]

What is a GAP health insurance plan?

The insurance industry offers products to fit situations when consumers need a coverage solution to avoid a gap in coverage. The industry offers plans called short-term or temporary insurance; it is insurance that consumers can customize to fill a gap before getting longer-term coverage. The Affordable Care Act set standards for qualified coverage, and short-term […]

Is it too late to sign up for healthcare?

If you are new to the health insurance market or transitioning to the marketplace or private insurance from employer-sponsored group coverage, knowing the open enrollment dates can save you from experiencing a lapse in coverage. Open enrollment is set for November 1 to December 15 for the next few years, but you need to check […]

Is wisdom teeth removal surgery covered by health insurance?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the back of the human mouth. It’s the only round of tooth eruption that isn’t developed before a person is born. For most people, wisdom teeth are more trouble than they’re worth. Most people’s third molars don’t begin to erupt until the late teens and early […]

What type of health insurance does the president have?

Most presidents of the United States, including the incumbent, receive their medical care from the White House medical unit, whereas most White House employees are eligible for enrollment in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program. There are several other options available to the presidents as well. Since the president is considered the Commander in Chief […]

Switching Health Insurance Companies While Pregnant

The sticker shock that can come with finding out how expensive some of the procedures are in relation to prenatal and pregnancy care have many women and couples looking for ways to reduce expenses. There are times that signing up for a health insurance plan with a slightly higher monthly premium can save more money […]

What does underwriting mean in health insurance?

Medical underwriting is a large and important task carried out by actuaries within the insurance industry. Their fact gathering allows for a complete picture to be made of anyone that is trying to get health insurance coverage. Underwriting procedures are used to help minimize fraud but are used far less to cancel policies for reasons […]

Is a vasectomy covered by my health insurance?

A vasectomy is a type of sterilization solely for men and the most popular form of contraception for couples in the US. A vasectomy is most common in men ages 35 to 44. It is a safe procedure with less risk of complications than a tubal ligation in women. The birth control method can be […]

Is rhinoplasty covered by my health insurance?

Rhinoplasty can be medically necessary or cosmetic depending on the particular conditions of each case. For health insurance purposes, there are standards that apply to cosmetic and medically necessary surgery. Insurers often cover reconstructive procedures for all or some of the costs; insurance rarely covers cosmetic procedures. Enter your zip code above and explore your […]

Will my health insurance pay for a hot tub?

The question of whether or not an insurer will pay for a hot tub seems self-evident. One does not usually think of hot tubs when they think of legitimate medical treatment. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are legitimate treatments involving hot tubs for poor circulation and joint pain. These treatments are […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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