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What is a GAP health insurance plan?

The insurance industry offers products to fit situations when consumers need a coverage solution to avoid a gap in coverage. The industry offers plans called short-term or temporary insurance; it is insurance that consumers can customize to fill a gap before getting longer-term coverage. The Affordable Care Act set standards for qualified coverage, and short-term […]

Medical Insurance for a Single Person

Many single individuals use the Health Insurance Marketplace to find medical coverage. The Marketplace will help you find health insurance if you currently do not have a plan. Since the Affordable Care Act requires every American to have a qualifying health insurance plan, you can use the Marketplace to find a qualifying plan if you […]

What is a healthcare plan administrator?

A health care administrator is the person directly responsible for your plan. They establish policies through your employer to then decipher the coverage of you and your family. More often than not, a health care administrator is a third-party person. Often they represent an employer or union. A third-party health care administrator, also known as […]

Is a physical exam required for health insurance?

Signing up for health insurance in days past meant having to undergo a health exam to determine your current state of health and what your risk of disease or illness might be.  The healthcare reform has done away with stipulations on pre-existing conditions. No individual can be denied coverage, or be held at a higher […]

What is a stop-loss provision in health insurance?

In many cases, particularly with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, health insurers have implemented a policy to charge the insured for a certain percentage of many of the expenses associated with their medical care. Many refer to this as coinsurance, and that is a term that many readers might already be familiar with. […]

What is a CDHP health plan?

Consumer Directed Health Plans leave choices about health care spending to employees or insured persons. The typical structure of a consumer-directed health plan is a High Deductible Plan paired with a Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Arrangement. Comparison shopping is an excellent method for selecting a high-deductible policy and HSA on the Obamacare Marketplace. […]

What is a self-funded medical insurance plan?

According to, a self-funded, or self-insured plan is when the employer collects the premiums from enrollees and becomes responsible for paying the medical claims of employees and their dependents. These plans are either self-administered or the employer contracts with a third party for provider networks, processing claims, and enrollment. Instead of paying fixed premiums […]

What does a “lifetime maximum” mean in health insurance?

It used to be that health insurance providers could lump together all incurred medical expenses in arriving at the lifetime maximum benefit that they would pay out to an insured person. Once that limit was reached, the company would no longer be obligated to cover any medical expenses. The Affordable Care Act has changed this […]

How to Write a Letter of Support for Medical Assistance

Medical expenses can exhaust personal resources and exceed insurance coverage. When patients have greater debt than they can pay or must use medications that they cannot afford, the letter of request for medical assistance is an important step towards finding relief. Comparison shopping is an ideal method for finding insurance that provides the best coverage […]

Ulcerative Colitis and Health Insurance

Ulcerative colitis is a disease characterized by inflammation and ulcers in the colon. It is one of the most common inflammatory bowel diseases along with Crohn’s disease. The difference between the two disorders is that ulcerative colitis is only present in the colon and the rectum, while Crohn’s disease is present in many different parts […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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