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When should I stop paying for home insurance after foreclosure?

If you still live in your house then you should not immediately stop paying for home insurance after foreclosure, because your home insurance will still pay out for your belongings in the event of a natural disaster or accident. You will want to keep your home insurance policy as current as possible for as long […]

What kind of dogs can be on a homeowners insurance policy?

While there is no set list of the kind of dogs you can have on a home insurance policy, there is a long list of dogs that are usually not acceptable for most homeowners insurance policies. Whether or not your dog is considered a high-risk dog depends on your insurance company. Here is a list […]

What do I do if my home insurance was canceled?

If your home insurance was canceled, don’t panic. You have rights in these matters. Never forget that. You have both the right and the opportunity to dispute the cancellation of a home insurance policy. Read on to learn all about what to do if your homeowners insurance was canceled and then be sure to enter […]

What are the top home insurance companies?

Getting a homeowners insurance policy from a top home insurance company might mean the difference between basic service and top notch service. Though it is difficult to name top companies because company results vary from state to state, there are several top companies rated and named by J.D. Power and Associates. Their findings are based […]

Is flood insurance required on my home?

Depending on where you live, flood insurance may be required on your home. In the United States, the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina has led to changes in requirements for flood damage. Even if you happen to live or work in an area that does not have a history of flooding, your […]

Is a home insurance settlement taxable?

The short answer to this question is that yes, home insurance settlements are sometimes taxable. Life insurance is typically the only non-taxable settlement a person may receive. Of course, none of the below is specific personal tax advice as you should always consult with your own tax professional. That being said, there are specific circumstances […]

What happens if someone lies on their homeowners insurance application?

Lying on any insurance application, including a homeowners insurance application, is detrimental. Today’s technology makes it easy to confirm information on an application, which means your application can be denied outright for making false statements. If someone lies on their home insurance application and he gets approved, there is a strong likelihood that the lie […]

Will my home insurance pay off my mortgage if my house is destroyed?

While your home insurance won’t pay off your mortgage directly if your house is destroyed but it will give you the means to rebuild or to pay off your lender yourself. If there is a mortgage on your home you and your lender will work together with funds from the insurer. Read on for details […]

If I have a small fire in my home should I report it to my home insurance company?

The decision to report small events, such as a small fire in your home, to your home insurance company usually rests in the cause of the damage. There are many reasons to report such incidents and only two good reasons not to. Home insurance is meant to protect the valuable asset you have in your […]

How much will my home insurance go up every year?

Wondering about how much your home insurance will go up every year? Chances are there is not too much to worry about. Unlike car insurance, home insurance does not take huge leaps and bounds as often. If you are not making claims, changes to your home or major disasters don’t occur in your geographic area, […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save