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How do auto insurance companies define sports cars?

Ferrari Car InsuranceAuto insurance companies define sports cars in a variety of ways. Some companies use the number of doors a car has to determine whether or not it is a sports car.

This makes all 2-door vehicles sports cars. Other companies feel that it is dependent on the horsepower a car has.

After-market modifications may also earn a car the sports car label. The replacement cost is also a key factor. Some look at the flashiness of a car, in addition to the other factors listed.

Some companies simply have a list that they go by to determine if a car is indeed a sports car.

Regardless of how car insurance companies classify sports cars it is important to shop around and compare rates from many different companies to find the cheapest insurance. Enter your zip code above to start now!

What to Know About Car Insurance Before You Buy a Sports Car

The most important thing to know about car insurance if you are considering buying a sports car is that you will pay higher premiums simply because it is a sports car. The replacement cost of sports cars is typically higher and remains higher for a longer period of time after purchase than an ordinary car, making claims heftier than for regular cars.

The increased horsepower of sports cars encourages many drivers to push such cars to “try them out” increasing the chance of accidents, especially serious high speed accidents. This makes for high dollar claims also. In addition, those who invest in sports cars are deemed more likely to be risk takers than those who opt for ordinary cars.

Flashiness is a big factor when it comes to car insurance for sports cars. If your sports car is flashy, it will attract more attention from vandals and thieves, making comprehensive insurance claims more likely and more frequent.

Insurance companies tend to look at sports cars as being higher risks for these reasons and others. Therefore they need to charge accordingly, so that they have the funds to pay out claims if necessary. If you are concerned about how much you will pay for your sports car insurance coverage, take the time to get actual price quotes tailored to you before you purchase the car.

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Saving Money on Auto Insurance for a Sports Car

You can save money on auto insurance for a sports car! Many of the same discounts applicable to regular car insurance can also help you lower your premiums on sports car insurance. Be sure you ask your insurer if you have all the discounts you qualify for. The ones you need to know about include:

  • Multi-car discounts
  • Factory installed safety feature discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Low annual mileage discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Paying in full or with automatic installments
  • Multi-line discounts
  • Anti-theft devices

You may also want to consider raising the deductibles on your collision and comprehensive coverage in order to save money on your insurance policy. Higher deductibles will mean lower annual premiums. Just be sure that you can afford the deductible if you need to make a claim.

One other factor that will keep auto insurance costs lower is your age and your driving experience. Younger drivers with sports cars will have massively high insurance rates, because they are combining high risk vehicles with inexperience. Those over the age of 30 who have more years of experience behind them will not pay as much to insure a sports car.

Buying Auto Insurance for a Sports Car

Sports cars are a specialty market in the insurance world. Therefore, when you are looking for car insurance for a sports car, you should check with regular insurance companies and companies that specialize in sports car insurance. If your sports car is also an antique or classic car, it is even more important to check out the niche market insurers that specialize in such categories.

As with the purchase of any type of car insurance, it is very important to shop around and compare prices, coverage and companies before making a decision on your sports car coverage. You should get price quotes from a variety of companies and compare them carefully in order to get the best coverage at the best price. Each insurer has differing guidelines and prices will vary.

In order to facilitate your sports car insurance purchase, consider using an online quote tool. These free tools allow you to enter the information about you, your car and your insurance needs just once and in return, you receive multiple quotes from companies serving your area. You no longer need to spend your valuable time contacting company after company. The tool does the work for you and provides you with easy to compare price quotes so you are equipped to make your choice.

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