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How to Find Your Car Insurance Policy Number

The lowdown...
  • Locating a car insurance policy number can be done in many ways
  • Use the internet, the phone, a smartphone application, or other means of contacting your insurance provider
  • Once you find your policy number, write it down for safe keeping
It may sound simple, but figuring out the policy number for your car insurance can be a bit tricky. It is pivotal that you work to find your car insurance policy number, and you should have it written down somewhere that it is easy for you to both remember and access when necessary.

If you are ever in an accident or need to contact your carrier, having that information with you at all times can be very valuable.

There are plenty of ways for you to find your policy number. The actual policy document itself is the first place to look. If that fails, the subsequent options will be to check the Internet as well as a smartphone app, utilize e-mail, or just pick up the phone and make a call. Whatever route you decide to take, you should be able to acquire your policy number without much hassle.

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Find the Policy


Dollarphotoclub_103413467 (1)-1600x1600 (4)Locate the physical car insurance policy and finding the policy number is going to be easy. That number is typically going to be right on the cover page of the policy. If it is not, jumping to the declarations page will get you there in a flash.

The number will be in the top right or left corner with the coverage dates and all of the options that go with the policy as well. If you do not have a paper copy of the policy, you likely sent a copy of it in your e-mail when you signed up with the carrier.

Use the Internet

The car insurance carrier that you buy insurance from likely is going to have a heavy web presence. Even small insurance carriers do a lot online now. Check the website to see if you can hop onto your account on there.

Once you are logged into the account online, you are going to be able to pull down your car insurance policy and also check out the number. Use this as an opportunity to not only become familiar with the number but also all of the coverages that you are currently paying for as well. The more that you understand your car insurance policy, the better off.

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Smartphone Applications

Smartphone applications are becoming very popular with car insurance carriers as well. When you have a carrier that has a smartphone app you can certainly use this to get a lot of information, very quickly. On the app itself you are going to be able to, at the minimum, view your policy number and basic coverages.

Many carriers will even let you submit claims and make changes to the policy right through your phone. The primary policy number is going to be there though and be very visible.

Using the Phone

You can always pick up the phone and just call the insurance carrier that you have. With the necessary information, you are going to be able to give them what they need to get your policy number for you. You are likely going to have to provide them with your name and address.

Some carriers will verify identity with security questions, while others may use a subset of your Social Security Number. The phone is a quick and easy way to get you results.

E-Mail is Another Option

person-woman-apple-hotelE-mail is another method of communication that is often forgotten about but also is going to work very efficiently. Say you have a carrier that has a website but does not have features that are going to allow you to log into any account.

They are likely going to have a customer service e-mail on there. Drop them a line requesting the information that you need.

Do not provide too much personal information in the e-mail as it is going to get routed to someone who will then verify your identity.

Taking this approach though is also going to get you a very speedy response. The car insurance policy number is not something that is hidden from you. It is all about knowing how to get at it, where to look. The physical policy itself is a great first place to start, but technology has opened the door up to allowing so many other avenues to exist.

Figuring out your policy number is easier than ever. Use the documentation you have, call the carrier, go on their website or smartphone app. Any means necessary and whatever is easiest for you should allow you to quickly and painlessly get to that number. Once you have it, write it down, it will come in handy eventually.

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