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Is the tenant or the landlord responsible for damages in an apartment fire?

Is The Tenant Or Landlord Responsible For Damages In An Apartment FireIf you are a renter, you should know the answer to the question: is the tenant or the landlord responsible for damages in an apartment fire? The answer is both of you, but in different ways and for different things.

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The landlord is responsible for damages to the building and structure and the tenant is responsible for damages to the contents of the apartment.

The following article provides additional information about how to ensure that both landlord and tenant have the protection needed to cover damages resulting from an apartment fire.

What is the tenant’s responsibility in acquiring the proper insurance coverage?

The tenant’s responsibilities in acquiring the proper insurance coverage are voluntary and not required by law. Because of this, each tenant must make a decision on whether or not to carry coverage, how much coverage to carry, and what items in their apartment are worth covering.

The decision will be different for each individual depending on where they are in life, what assets they have, and what is of importance to them. Protecting your home, even if you don’t own it is important. Replacing all that you own can be costly.

When assessing your need for renters insurance, be sure to total up the value of your belongings.

The total may be more than you think. Electronics alone can add up to l00s or l000s of dollars, not to mention clothing and furniture. Renters insurance is the only way for your personal belongings to be protected in an apartment fire. A renters insurance company will take into consideration all your assets and what type of coverage you think you may need before writing the policy.

What are the landlord’s responsibilities in acquiring the proper insurance coverage?

fire damages rental insuranceLandlords are required by law in all states to carry homeowners or multiple home dwelling insurance. This protects the assets of the landlord in the case of an apartment fire or other catastrophic event.

Just because this type of insurance is covered by law does not mean that all landlords carry it.

For example, a landlord may have given proof of insurance in the past, but let it lapse and now there is no coverage. Or, they may have voluntarily dropped their coverage without attaining new coverage in a timely manner.

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Before you sign a lease, ask to see the landlord’s insurance policy. You should be familiar with what the policy covers as far as you are concerned and what it doesn’t cover. If a landlord does not want to show the policy to you or states that he isn’t required to, consider finding a different place to rent.

If a landlord has the required coverage, he or she should be more than willing to share policy coverage details with tenants. In some cases, a landlord will pass down some of the coverage payout, in the case of a fire, to the tenant, but a landlord is not required to do so.

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What is the best type of renters insurance policy to get?

A renters insurance policy should do two things:

  • It should cover the contents of your apartment in the case of a fire or any other destructive event
  • It should cover your personal liability if someone is injured inside your apartment

A good insurance company will take into consideration your particular living arrangements, the amount of coverage needed to protect you, and the monthly amount you can afford to pay towards a premium.

Renters insurance is definitely not a one size fits all type of insurance but needs to be customized to each individual’s rental situation.

responsibility of coverageMost insurance companies that sell multiple types of coverage sell renters insurance. Combining policies such as car insurance and life insurance with renters insurance can save you money on your overall insurance plan.

Many companies offer a discount for having multiple policy coverage through one company. Discounts are not the only way to save money on renters insurance. To save even more money, you should shop around to find the best deal available.

Shopping around does not have to be done by looking through the phone book or going to several different insurance websites. Shopping around can be done by using the online comparison tool provided here.

This insurance quotes tool allows you to see what different insurance companies have to offer in insurance so you can make the choice that best fits your needs and your budget.

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