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10 States with the Highest Obesity Rates

Click here to calculate your BMI, here for rankings table, and here to view our interactive graphics “You are what you eat.” . . . So, what are you? Americans are notorious for their fast-food consumption ― studies show on average, such food makes up over 11 percent of the American diet. Today, the average American eats a shocking 195 […]

How to Choose an Online Life Insurance Provider

Buying a life insurance policy online is a great way to get detailed information on pricing and provisions, as long as you have the time. If you plan to purchase the first policy that you come across, it may be a better idea to bundle insurance products with your current insurance provider. Type in your […]

How to Choose the Best Return of Premium Life Insurance Policy

If you know how return of premium life insurance works, you know that this type of policy works in the best interest of the insured party while allowing the insurance company to earn dividends on a guaranteed investment. However, if you do not choose a policy that is long enough to give your insurance company […]

Insurance Company Ratings Explained

The worldwide financial crisis that swept across the globe several years ago has brought cause for concern among banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions the world over. Now more than ever, it’s important to look at insurance company ratings before choosing a specific insurance product. Insurance company ratings are more important where life insurance is […]

Best Life Insurance: Tips to Help You Save Money

If your goal is to find the best life insurance at an affordable price, you will need to consider a number of factors. The type of coverage you are looking for and the amount of coverage are two of them. Enter your zip code for an immediate online insurance quote! You also want to be […]

Whole Life Insurance

The question most often asked by someone in the market for life insurance is whether to buy term life insurance or whole life insurance. The benefit of a whole life policy is that is acts as an investment. The draw backs are that it will cost more, and may not reap the benefits of other […]

Variable Life Insurance: The Good and The Bad

Variable life insurance is a great investment for select individuals. It is a whole life insurance option, which pays out benefits when the insured individual dies. Enter your zip code to compare online insurance quotes now! When you pay your premiums, a portion of the money for a variable life insurance policy is put in […]

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is a life insurance policy that comes with an investment option. There are different types of life insurance products that you can buy, but a universal life insurance policy actually builds cash value and offers flexibility as well. Get insurance quotes now by typing your zip code into the field on this […]

All You Need to Know About Term Life Insurance

Term of life insurance is one of several types of policies in a group of products that also includes whole, universal, and variable life insurance. Term life is far and away the most popular form of life insurance in this country. It has a long history in America, dating back to the eighteenth century. Online […]

Life Insurance Comparison

You will have a clearer notion of what you really need if you make a life insurance comparison. This article will help you sort out the difference between your two main line insurance options: term coverage and whole coverage. Enter your zip code to compare insurance quotes now! Once you understand the difference, and how […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save