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Online Disability Insurance-Online Disability Insurance Offers Protection from the Unpredictable

Daniel Walker
Licensed Insurance Agent for 15 Years

UPDATED: Mar 19, 2020

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Did you know that a disabling accident happens every single second of every day in the United States? In fact, estimates show that 3 out of every 10 American workers will become disabled before they ever reach retirement age. If you are startled by this statistic, then start using our web chaser tool right now to find an online disability insurance policy.

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If the above statistic isn’t scary enough to think about then consider that most long term disabilities require more that two and a half years of savings to cover them. This is the typical duration of time it takes most patients to recover and get back on their feet.

The Reality of Online Disability Insurance

“That could never happen to me!” you might be thinking. However, do not think that just because you are in a low-risk field of work, that you aren’t at risk of becoming disabled and missing work. There have been many workers that were tucked safely behind a computer desk who still suffered disablement.

Interestingly, most debilitating problems labeled as disabilities do not develop from freak occurrences or major accidents. Illnesses and gradual injury are the most likely causes for a disability claim in America. Such conditions can easily render you unable to work. What happens to injured people in a ruthless economy? They soon become jobless.

Illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, liver disease and even serious back injuries can cause disabilities and often times workers compensation plans are limited in what they can do for you.

Don’t panic. This is why there are online disability insurance policies available!

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Questions to Consider About Online Disability Insurance

Disability claims can include paid sick leave, as well as short and long-term arrangements. One of the best ways to save on insurance is to comparison shop online for the best deals from multiple insurance companies. You can now compare a number of insurance policies all at once.

When comparing, ensure that you are looking at the entire policy and not just the price alone. There are a number of questions you could ask about each policy. For example:

  • Are premium payments made weekly or monthly?
  • How long is the waiting period before payments start?
  • How long do payments continue?

Case in point: An insurance policy that only pays for a few years will not cut it in instances where you are unable to work permanently. You may also wish to ask about partial disability payments. If you develop an illness, such as multiple sclerosis, where will you be able to work? Can you work full time or part time? Are you still eligible for benefits?

You might also want to ask your agent about the premiums. Are they guaranteed? Taking on new employment and a higher-risk job tends to make rates go up. Changes in lifestyle can also affect the premium price.

Communication is pivotal with the insurance company. Find out what happens in the event of a missed payment. Sometimes things happen and a payment might be delayed or even forgotten.

You had better know if your policy is cancelled immediately after default or if there is a small window of opportunity to pay (the standard is 30 days).

Defining the Specifics of Online Disability Insurance Policies

You will need to know what defines a disability with your chosen insurer. Not all companies view standard physical conditions in the same way. If you are unable to continue in your chosen profession because of your disability, are you officially considered “disabled” or does the company think you can still work in a variety of other fields?

A good example of this might be if you work with your hands. If you do very intricate things (think of a doctor or musician) then this job is your livelihood. If you can no longer perform the work specific task due to illness or injury, will you still qualify for a disability claim? Do you still have to work as a greeter at Wal-Mart, or will the insurance company completely cover you so that you don’t have to work at all?

Consider the cost of living adjustments. You do not want to be paying on a policy for years on end only to find out that it doesn’t even cover your basic bills when you need it the most.

Don’t get overwhelmed! While many of these questions may seem hard to find online sometimes, there are channels of opportunity that can assist you. Comparison shopping online can help you get a good deal. Be sure to read every page of the policy and ask available representatives questions for clarification on all points.

Always be ready for the life’s curve balls. Never take chances with your life, your living and your clean credit. You don’t have to face the worries and the stress associated with high credit card debt, bankruptcy, repossession or foreclosure on your home just because you become disabled. You can plan ahead.

Find online disability insurance rates by entering your zip code into our chaser tool right now!

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