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Online Renters Insurance

A convenient way to protect your personal property is with online renters insurance. An investment people rarely take advantage of until…something happens, and they wish they had. After the experience, many realize that just because you do not own the dwelling in which you live, you still need to protect your possessions. All that is […]

Getting The Best Renters Insurance You Can Afford

The basic premise of a renters insurance policy is to keep your belongings protected in case anything happens to them. If you are already familiar with how a homeowners insurance policy works, you already know that the principles are pretty much the same. Use your zip code to get instant access to online renters insurance […]

A Renters Insurance Comparison Guide

Whether you are renting a large house or a loft in a high-rise building, you will need to have the contents of your home under the protection of a renters insurance policy. Besides finding coverage for vandalism and theft, you should also make sure you find an insurance policy that will adequately protect you from […]

Why You Need Cheap Renters Insurance

If you’re renting a home or apartment you most certainly need cheap renters insurance. Without it, you’re risking potential financial losses if your personal belongings are damaged in a fire or stolen in a burglary. The fact is, industry experts estimate that less than half of all renters carry renters insurance policies. Entering your zip […]

Are renters required to have renters insurance?

Renters may not be required to have insurance by law, but a landlord may require a tenant to have at least a certain level of coverage in place before moving in. The tenant should read over the language of the lease document carefully before signing it to determine whether this is the case. Compare online […]

How can I estimate how much renters insurance to get?

Knowing how you can estimate how much renters insurance to get is very important for anyone looking to take out such coverage. Taking out too little will mean that you would get insufficient funds to replace your belongings if you experienced a loss. Compare insurance quotes with your zip code and the free rate tool […]

Will renters insurance pay my security deposit?

There are a lot of things that renters insurance covers, but your security deposit isn’t one of them. You see, renters insurance is meant to cover the cost of your possessions. Your apartment or rental home isn’t something you own; therefore, the security deposit simply doesn’t fall under that coverage. To get rates and insurance […]

How do I get renters insurance?

Renters insurance can be purchased through almost any company that sells homeowner insurance policies. Renting instead of buying is an option that many families are taking during this tough economic time. Compare insurance rates and quotes with your zip code right now! As long as the insurance company is licensed to sell insurance in your […]

What is the difference between HO-6 and renters insurance?

The difference between HO-6 and renters insurance is that HO-6 is homeowners insurance for condo owners and renters insurance is for people who are renting a home, regardless of the type of abode. Homeowners insurance and renters insurance are available to protect your assets in the event of a multitude of disasters and misfortunes. Enter […]

Can I get renters insurance with poor credit?

Like with all types of insurance, your credit score will have an impact on the premium you pay for your renters insurance. But, as with all other types of insurance, it is absolutely possible to get renters insurance even with poor credit. Enter your ZIP code to compare FREE insurance rates now! People who rent often […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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