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The Full Georgia Auto Insurance Guide [Providers + Coverage]

Whether you want to go hiking in the Appalachian Trail or enjoy the pristine beaches, Georgia has something for everyone. To enjoy all Georgia has to offer, you will be using some of 128,134 miles of roads in the state. However, we all know that driving in Georgia can be dangerous. On average, 70 drivers […]

Declaration Page for Car Insurance

You’ll receive several different pieces of mail from your insurer after you apply for insurance. The first document that the average consumer is given when they are shopping around is a quote. The quote will include the following: some of your basic rating information your name how much you’ll pay for specific coverage limits for […]

Can I claim for lost car keys on my insurance?

Technology has come a long way. The simple car key of 20 years ago has been replaced by high-tech transponders that can help thwart car thieves. Unfortunately, the gadgets also come with a high price tag, and replacing them can be costly. If yours is damaged or missing, then you may be considering filing an […]

Can you get U.S. car insurance with a Canadian license?

Canada has laws allowing visitors to come and go into Canada with only a birth certificate as proof that you are a U.S. citizen required to enter. The only province that doesn’t have such reciprocal laws is the province of Quebec which is currently still under the Queen of England’s reign and is an independent […]

Can you get car insurance the same day?

You can’t get insurance in the blink of an eye. Buying car insurance is a process and the process starts with getting quotes. The entire purpose of auto insurance quotes is to help you determine how much you’ll pay for insurance through some of the carriers that you’d like to do business with. A quote […]

Can spouses have separate car insurance?

When a couple takes the leap and decides to get married, it’s often said that two souls become one. Married couples unite intellectually, emotionally, and especially financially. They must learn how to merge not just all of their finances, but their interests, their time, and all of their possessions as well. This includes everything from […]

Can I get car insurance without a job?

It can be hard to get by without a job. If you’re a student who’s struggling to make ends meet or you were recently laid off, you know firsthand just how difficult it is to be unemployed. Not only is it impossible to get credit if you don’t have a stable income coming it, it’s […]

Can I have two different car insurance companies?

When you’re building an insurance portfolio, it’s important to buy protection that gives you peace of mind. Your portfolio can include all types of coverage to protect you against financial loss in various situations. From medical insurance and disability coverage to auto and home protection, there are several products that make up a complete portfolio. […]

Can you suspend your car insurance?

There can be times when you decide that suspending your car insurance is an option you want to pursue. If you are storing your car for a period of time, whether just off the road or in a secured storage location, you may decide that suspending coverage is your best option. You may also decide […]

Can my car insurance policies overlap?

As a consumer, it is always better to have knowledge and information when buying something such as a car insurance policy. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to a car insurance policy as you have to think about the coverage limits, the deductible, when the policy is going to go into effect […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save