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How do real estate agents get health insurance benefits?

Many aspiring real estate agents, and even some current real estate agents, are wondering how they will get a good health insurance policy. Many health insurance policies are not geared towards people who are self-employed, as many real estate agents are. However, there are several different easy ways that a real estate agent can get […]

Is a nutritionist covered by healthcare?

With health care costs on the rise, people are increasingly seeking healthier lifestyles and preventative measures to keep diseases at bay and live fuller lives. In this venue, more and more people are seeking the advice and guidance of nutritionists in their endeavors to maintain good health. Get free health insurance quotes and find plans […]

Will my health insurance pay for a hot tub?

The question of whether or not an insurer will pay for a hot tub seems self-evident. One does not usually think of hot tubs when they think of legitimate medical treatment. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are legitimate treatments involving hot tubs for poor circulation and joint pain. These treatments are […]

Is a physical exam required for health insurance?

Signing up for health insurance in days past meant having to undergo a health exam to determine your current state of health and what your risk of disease or illness might be.  The healthcare reform has done away with stipulations on pre-existing conditions. No individual can be denied coverage, or be held at a higher […]

What does a “lifetime maximum” mean in health insurance?

It used to be that health insurance providers could lump together all incurred medical expenses in arriving at the lifetime maximum benefit that they would pay out to an insured person. Once that limit was reached, the company would no longer be obligated to cover any medical expenses. The Affordable Care Act has changed this […]

Is my psychologist covered by health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, expanded insurance coverage to people who suffered from mental health and substance abuse disorders. The law required that all insurance policies offered through the Health Insurance Marketplace, including individual and small business plans, provide recipients with mental health coverage. The law also required insurance plans to offer […]

What is dual health insurance?

With so many questions lingering over health insurance these days, many people are looking into the possibility of dual coverage just to make certain all of their bases are covered. it is important to go a bit more in-depth into each of the key principles in order to better understand the nature of primary and […]

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