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Fitbit Buys Twine Health (Get the Facts!)

If you’re not familiar with Fitbit, it’s a wearable tracker designed to motivate its users through community and actionable data. Their wearables can track how many steps you take or climb, monitors your heart rate, and even track sleep quality — all while keeping you connected to a community of health-conscious people. Even with its […]

How does a health insurance agent get paid?

The process of purchasing health insurance continues to evolve as the years go by. It was not too long ago that the only real way you could buy a health insurance policy was an insurance agent. You would work to get in touch with an agent, and they would then shop on your behalf to […]

Top 21 Part-Time Jobs with Health Insurance

Click here for our benefits table and here to view our interactive table. Healthcare is crucial, but many people wonder whether they qualify for coverage and end up going without it. One group of people for whom this typically applies is part-time employees. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines part-time employees as people who work […]

How to Become a Health Insurance Broker

Unless you have been in the insurance industry recently, there is a lot of information that has to be imparted about selling insurance products to the public. It is required for you to complete coursework that lays the proper foundation of knowledge about health insurance products. The classes are not long, but they are fast-paced. […]

Health Insurance When I Retire

Health insurance issues were never easy to understand, and in some cases have become even more difficult because of the numerous changes that are being made. Thus it is necessary to more about the health insurance industry. Enter your zip above to compare private Medicare health insurance plans today! Beware of Changes Changes are constantly […]

What is an EPO plan in health insurance?

The exclusive provider organization is a type of managed health care that uses network resources and does not share costs on outside network resources. The EPO does not use a primary care physician to oversee patient care. The customer is free to use network resources, and there is no need for referrals. Comparison shopping is […]

Health Insurance Coverage When Switching Jobs

The route to securing insurance when changing jobs will depend on many factors. The various scenarios that will be available to you must be carefully reviewed. The overall goal should be to have insurance at the moment you leave your former employer, whether you already have a new job waiting for you or if you […]

When did health insurance start?

Health insurance was created in the early 1920s to solve the need for help in paying medical and health care costs. Health insurance is defined as anything that is used to cover health treatment, prescriptions, and doctor’s visits that you would normally have to pay out-of-pocket. The original idea of insurance started with inventor and […]

What are my health insurance options?

Health insurance options include compliance with the Affordable Care Act or paying a fine. Failure or refusal will cause a tax penalty; the law imposes the individual shared responsibility payment on those without insurance. Start comparing health insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above! The options for compliance include exemptions, extensions, Medicaid, Medicare, […]

What hospital can I go to with no insurance?

If you do not have health insurance, you are not alone. Many people have gone without health insurance in recent times due to the increase in overall health costs to individuals and families. Start comparing health insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above! Statistics on Health Insurance   A Gallup poll in July […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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