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How to Negotiate My Car Insurance

The cost of living has gone up tremendously in the last few years. In a bid to cut down unnecessary expenses, households are sticking to necessities and working double shifts to make ends meet. We are coming up with new ways to save on everything, from grocery shopping to major life expenses. The only common […]

Is it worth claiming on my car insurance?

Your car insurance is designed to help you recover from losses that are too severe for you to recover from alone, typically ones you did not anticipate. However, the extent of the damage, the cost of the repairs, and the impact on your premium rates may mean filing a claim is not worthwhile. It’s important […]

Does insurance cover accidents on private property?

If something happens to your car on private property, it’s important to know whether car insurance will cover the claim. Otherwise, you could end up paying for all of the repairs on your own. Much of the outcome will depend on what happened as well as what kind of coverage you have on your policy. […]

Is rim damage covered by car insurance?

Custom wheels give your vehicle a whole new look. If you recently purchased a new set of four tires complete with new rims, you need to look at your auto insurance policy to verify that you have the appropriate level of coverage and also to see if there are restrictions in your contract. Auto insurance […]

If you sell your car, what happens to insurance?

Are you thinking about selling your car anytime shortly? If so, you may want to consider the fact that your insurance follows your car. This means that, if you sell your vehicle but fail to notify your insurance company that you sold it, your insurance will remain in force. You will be paying the insurance […]

Is Motor Club of America car insurance?

The Motor Club of America is one of the more recognized names in the car industry. People rely on this group annually for thousands of instances where roadside assistance is required. Often, though, people will confuse the services and coverage offered by the Motor Club of America with that which is provided by a typical […]

Does car insurance cover electrical problems?

An electrical problem with your vehicle can be a minor annoyance all the way to a major catastrophe. Sometimes, faulty wiring or a short-circuited fuse can result in something that amounts to nothing more than an inconvenience. Perhaps your radio stops working, or maybe your power windows won’t roll down. Electrical problems can cause your […]

If I damage my car, will my insurance pay for it?

You have car insurance as a way of providing yourself with financial protection. If you damage your car, you want to know that insurance will take care of the damages. The type of damages and the level of coverage you have on your policy will determine whether a claim will be accepted or not. If […]

Does car insurance cover the bumper?

It’s important to look at how your car insurance provides coverage for what can happen when you’re on the road. If you experience bumper damage, it is almost always going to be covered by the insurance company. Once you file a claim and identify how the bumper was damaged, you will learn whether you have […]

Does car insurance cover car seats?

Car seats are an important part of your driving experience. Depending on the make, model, and even trim level of your car, you could have seats made of various materials. Whether you have leather, cloth, or another material, if they are damaged, you want them repaired. Your car insurance might cover the costs, but it […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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