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What is a GAP health insurance plan?

The insurance industry offers products to fit situations when consumers need a coverage solution to avoid a gap in coverage. The industry offers plans called short-term or temporary insurance; it is insurance that consumers can customize to fill a gap before getting longer-term coverage. The Affordable Care Act set standards for qualified coverage, and short-term […]

Does being self-employed affect auto insurance?

Being self-employed might provide you with a significant amount of freedom. You are the boss, and therefore you get to do what you want to do. Your auto insurance might be affected depending on where you work and what you do. If you are self-employed and need better auto insurance, compare at least three to […]

Does age affect car insurance rates?

Did you ever wonder if your age affects your car insurance rates? The fact is that insurance companies use many different factors to determine insurance premiums. One of these factors is age, but there are many others. Some factors are related to demographics while others are things that you can change over time. If you […]

Does auto insurance cover moving trucks?

Moving isn’t just expensive, it’s stressful. One way to reduce the expenses that are incurred while you’re moving is to transport all of the stuff on your own. When you hire a moving company to do the work for you, you’re going to pay significantly more for the service. It’s just better for families on […]

What is “buy-up” health insurance?

If you have coverage through your employer, you may be offered a buy-up plan when it’s time to renew your health insurance. At this point, you’re probably wondering what buy-up health insurance is. To help you make the best choices for yourself, and your family, if applicable, answers to commonly asked questions about buy-up health […]

Car Insurance for College Students

If you are a college student looking for the best car insurance, you are wise to shop around to see what is the best deal. There are many different types of car insurance available and many different plans. How will you know which one is the best for you? If you are a college student […]

Can you get U.S. car insurance with a Canadian license?

Canada has laws allowing visitors to come and go into Canada with only a birth certificate as proof that you are a U.S. citizen required to enter. The only province that doesn’t have such reciprocal laws is the province of Quebec which is currently still under the Queen of England’s reign and is an independent […]

Will my car insurance cover hail damage?

A hail storm does not have to be very severe in order to cause major physical damage to your vehicle. Sometimes, the damage to your car can be purely cosmetic in the form of a few dings, however, hail can also cause major damage, such as broken glass or engine damage. In any event, the […]

How do I change my insurance to a new car?

Buying a new car doesn’t mean that you don’t have to buy a completely new auto insurance policy. In fact, if you’re going to trade your car in or sell your old car privately, insuring your new car is as simple as making a phone call. You don’t necessarily have to contact multiple companies to […]

Does car insurance cover engine repairs?

As a vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your car engine is properly maintained. If you are in an accident that results in damage to your engine, the damage could be covered by your collision insurance. When damage involves an engine, sometimes the cost of repair is too high in relation […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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