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Online Title Insurance

Obtaining online title insurance is a quick and easy way to establish a policy. You can still make the phone call and speak with an agent or broker directly, but many websites make it simple enough for anyone to fill out a policy application. Title insurance ensures that you own your real estate investment without […]

Best Title Insurance

If you are planning to purchase real estate then you have probably already heard someone suggest that you buy title insurance. Before you buy title insurance, naturally, you want to know why this policy is needed and what it covers. In simple terms, you need title insurance to protect your real estate investment against various […]

Title Insurance Comparison

If you are purchasing a house, you might want to talk about title insurance with your lender, or get in contact with an agent, specializing in title insurance. Title insurance is a security policy that shelters you and your lender from trials and tribulations related to the property’s title before the policy was written. Enter […]

Cheap Title Insurance

Title insurance is a policy that affects the real estate industry. This is basically a form of indemnity insurance (protecting the lender) against financial loss. You can start looking for cheap insurance rates now by entering your zip code! This type of policy is typically created for protection against defects in the title to real […]

How much is title insurance?

Wondering how much title insurance costs? Well the short answer is that title insurance costs vary from state to state. From vehicles to homes, insurance agents specialize in this information. As customers, we tend to pay what is required. Even with the fiscal crisis, there has been no significant reduction in title insurance rates. Although […]

How do I calculate how much title insurance I need?

Wondering how much title insurance coverage you need? Title insurance is mandatory in the United States for everyone who has a mortgage. The coverage is not optional or taken out like other insurance policies; it protects a homeowner from any past liens or from unaccounted for heirs and is determined by the loan amount and […]

What is a fee simple title insurance policy?

The short answer to this question is: A fee simple title insurance policy insures against title defects when real property is owned in fee simple. However, in order to have a more meaningful understanding of this answer, some definitions are necessary. In particular, we first need to know what fee simple ownership of real property […]

Should I buy title insurance?

Should you buy title insurance? Is the purchase of title insurance even worth it? Title insurance is a type of insurance coverage that is often purchased when a real estate transaction takes place. Many real estate buyers wonder whether they should actually spend the extra money to purchase title insurance or to avoid it. Here […]

How do I get title insurance with a quit claim deed?

The idea that title insurance cannot be had if a property is encumbered by a quit claim deed has history that proves otherwise. In fact, a quit claim deed can be quite useful in settling property ownership rights. Should a title search uncover claims against a property, having the claim holder sign a quit claim […]

Who pays the cost of title insurance?

The party that ends up paying the cost for title insurance generally varies. However, this tab is customarily picked up by the seller in several cases. Since title insurance is designed to protect one against losses in the future, it behooves the buyer more than the seller to acquire title insurance, so in several states […]

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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