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How do real estate agents get health insurance benefits?

Many aspiring real estate agents, and even some current real estate agents, are wondering how they will get a good health insurance policy. Many health insurance policies are not geared towards people who are self-employed, as many real estate agents are. However, there are several different easy ways that a real estate agent can get […]

How to Sue a Health Insurance Provider

Health insurance has become so complicated that disputes between people and their insurance companies are frequent. If an insurance company has denied you coverage for needed care or refused to authorize a procedure, a lawsuit is one way to receive financial compensation, and potentially, the health care you need. If you are looking to change […]

Is yoga covered by healthcare?

Yoga has reached the point of complete mainstream popularity. It is everywhere. Just take a drive through the city or town that you live in this evening, and you will likely pass one or two yoga studios, at a minimum. They seem to be popping up left and right. More and more folks want to […]

What is the definition of voluntary health insurance?

You will understand the aspects of voluntary health insurance as well as other facts and factors attached to the particular policy. Voluntary health insurance, also known as VHI, is an insurance coverage that joins out of pocket expenses with voluntary health insurance premiums. Voluntary health insurance policies range from workplace group insurance plans to community-based […]

How does a health insurance agent get paid?

The process of purchasing health insurance continues to evolve as the years go by. It was not too long ago that the only real way you could buy a health insurance policy was an insurance agent. You would work to get in touch with an agent, and they would then shop on your behalf to […]

Is my GAP insurance transferable if I sell the car?

While some drivers purchase a new vehicle entirely with cash, many use an auto loan to pay for a large portion of the sales price. Some will even finance 95 percent or more of the vehicle’s sales price with a car loan. This is a convenient way to buy a car, but it also may […]

Is medical insurance deductible for the self-employed?

Self-employed persons have tax advantages under Obamacare that can make health coverage affordable and financially sound investment. The Self-Employed Health Insurance Tax Deduction authorizes deductions in addition to the standard deductions for medical expenses. The Internal Revenue Code describes a wide range of deductions for health-related, dental, and vision expenses by self-employed persons and their […]

How do I get a new health insurance card?

Whether you go to the doctor for a physical or the hospital for a chest x-ray, you need to have your health insurance card on you. Even when you pick up a prescription from the pharmacy, you need to be prepared to present your medical card. But, what do you do if you lose your […]

Does window tinting affect my car insurance?

When maximizing the look and appearance of your sports car or other vehicle, you may want to improve its original profile with special rims, custom paint jobs or even tinted windows. Tinted windows are often part of an overall vehicle customization project designed to create just the aesthetic that you like in your car. However, […]

I’ve sold my car; can I cancel my insurance?

A car is a type of asset that people buy and sell all of the time. You may purchase a car, keep it for a year or two, and then decide down the line that you no longer need it. Putting the car on the resale market is quite easy, as is going through with […]

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