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What are the different types of travel insurance?

Vacations can go away at any time. Whether your carefully laid plans fall apart before the bags are even packed or at the end of an otherwise wonderful journey—or anywhere in between—there are several different types of travel insurance that can help you put back the pieces of your vacation.

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Different Types of Travel, Different Types of Travel Insurance

The first step to making any travel insurance purchase is taking an inventory of your unique situation and needs. Only you can determine the value of your relationships, your time and your belongings. Once you’ve established that, you can figure out which types of travel insurance you will need to cover the kind of losses you can incur on vacation.

Travel Insurance for the Cancelled or Interrupted Trip

A child comes down with the flu on the day her family was supposed to leave for Disney World. A retired gentleman breaks his leg while in the midst of a cruise. A student travelling in France gets word that a family member is gravely ill. All these scenarios, and more, are addressed with different types of travel insurance.

Travel cancellation insurance and travel interruption insurance cover illnesses and injuries that affect the insured or his/her close family members. The fine print attached to most types of travel interruption insurance nullifies the coverage in the case of war and civil unrest, however. You may even find yourself unable to find travel insurance that will cover you if you are traveling to some of the globe’s most politically dangerous climates. As always, your best bet is to do a thorough search for the types of travel insurance that protect you to the fullest and for the best price.

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Travel Insurance in the Air

Just because you’re up in the air doesn’t mean your travel plans have to be. While the baggage handling abilities of most airlines don’t inspire much trust, you can do your part to make sure that any baggage-related delays or losses don’t ruin your travel. Baggage loss coverage and baggage delay coverage will entitle you to cash if your bags fail to make their way ‘round the baggage claim within 12 hours or if they never arrive at all.

Delays show up elsewhere in air travel as well. Flight delay insurance can help compensate for the plane that arrives late. Different types of travel insurance stipulate different time periods that must elapse before coverage kicks in, so be sure to keep this in mind when you are choosing your travel insurance. Flight delay insurance and flight cancellation insurance usually cover meals, lodging and fares incurred due to the delay or cancellation.

Medical Aspects of Travel Insurance

Medical insurance, as it relates to travel, comes in several types from basic health coverage to the stateside return of one’s remains when death occurs while travelling. While nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario, it is important to be aware of all the options that exist for your protection while you travel.

Things you may not think about—like the difficulty and expense of being transported to a hospital from certain vacation venues such as cruise ships—are issues that must be addressed if you want to be fully covered on your trip. Emergency evacuation and medical transportation insurance are just two types of travel insurance that contribute to an encompassing insurance package.

Travel insurance can be very convenient, too. One service offered through some travel insurance providers is the availability of an on-call physician who will advise travelling patients about how and where to access care. In this case, travel insurance can save you time, money and pain.

Find the Different Types of Travel Insurance that are Best for You

Combine the different types of travel insurance into one personalized package by selecting your desired coverages from among the ones listed in this article. Then type your zip code into the travel insurance quote comparison tool available on this page to start comparing rates. It’s quick, easy and free. Don’t let your vacation fall apart before it even starts!

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