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What does veterinary business insurance cover?

Veterinary business insurance will give you the confidence that you need by protecting your honorable livelihood of caring for your clients pets. When you know that your business is secure, you are able to focus on healing animals and providing comfort for their owners. Use our comparison tool to compare insurance quotes for FREE!

Business Liability Insurance


You’ll find insurance for your veterinary office whether you work with small house pets such as birds, cats, dogs and hamsters, or large animals that include cows, horses, mules and sheep. Furthermore, you’ll need protection for your practice such as:

  • Fire insurance
  • Property damage liability insurance for instances causing harm to people while on your business premises
  • Liability for your employees
  • Coverage for your important papers and registers
  • Umbrella coverage for your veterinary business

Veterinary Malpractice Insurance

You’ll need protection specifically designed for your business that will protect your practice against incidents such as:

  • Legal costs involving a lawsuit filed by a pet owner in the event that their animal dies
  • Protection against lawsuits for misdiagnosis, improper medication or mistakes involving medical treatment
  • Financial defense against the transfer of infectious diseases
  • Reimbursement for burglary occurrences
  • Replacement funds for stolen prescriptions
  • Protection for accidents that happen at the veterinary office

Business Owners Policy for Professional Service Providers

You can expect your insurance company to cover a number of possible expenses such as:

  • Water problems
  • Animal food spoilage
  • Liability for groomers that you have on staff

Services You Can Expect From Your Insurance Company

  • Customer service support when you need it
  • Quick claim processing
  • A company that will put you in touch with reputable contractors when you are in need of repairs
  • Premium charges that are billed to you according to your workforce

Commercial Property Insurance

You’ll need an office space to give health care to animals brought to you by clients who trust you. Therefore, if your space becomes damaged and prevents you from servicing animals, then your insurance company should protect items such as:

  • Your office structure
  • Damaged, lost or stolen content including electronics such as computers along with the data stored in your computer equipment, which can be vulnerable to viruses
  • Other property that you use for your business such as a stable area for large animals
  • Vandalism against your office including the exterior of the structure and on site signs clarifying the services offered

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Business Revenue Coverage

In some cases you may experience an interruption in your business. For instance, you may suffer from an accident or an illness, which can prevent you from working. If a situation such as this should happen, then you can choose coverage for:

  • Claim preparation costs
  • Overall loss of your income
  • Loss of rental expenses
  • Added work expenses

Employee Dishonesty Coverage

You may also include a provision to protect your business against employee misconduct such as fraud or loss. Insurance can guard you against:

  • Stolen funds
  • Mishandled stocks
  • Stolen or broken equipment
  • Damage or loss by an employee mishandling property or equipment that you use in your veterinary business

Employee Practices Liability Insurance

This form of insurance will cover legal fees for situations involving employees such as disciplinary measures that cause a lawsuit along with:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Harassment

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Your veterinary practice holds valuable equipment such as x-rays, examining tables and computers for your important records. Equipment breakdown insurance will protect you against:

  • • Power surges that cause damage to your computer system
  • • An employee who damages equipment used in your business
  • • Electrical problems that cause you to shut your practice down temporarily

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This insurance coverage offers you protection above liability insurance and will defend your practice against human or mechanical errors such as:

  • Recovery assistance if an animal should become lost or stolen while in your care
  • Monetary reward provided for animals that are lost or stolen
  • Emergency assistance for natural disasters that leave animals homeless and in need of your care
  • Bill printing errors

Workers’ Compensation Insurance


Businesses that employ at least one employee must have workers’ compensation insurance. This protection covers veterinarians for costs related to employee injuries including medical visits, prescriptions and your employee’s salary while they are recuperating.

Staff members are often injured in the veterinary field due to bites, attacks and scratches. Additionally, employees may suffer slips, falls and strains from lifting.

Worker compensation coverage will also provide protection for those who volunteer at your practice and become injured while on the job, which is common in the veterinary field due to the volatile nature of most distressed animals

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your business may require the use of cars and your veterinarian business insurance can cover you under several situations including:

  • Business errands taken care of during lunch breaks or when the work day has ended
  • Personal liability coverage for employees driving their private vehicle on company business
  • Lease gap coverage, which protects the vehicles used in your business from depreciation in the event of a totaled car

You’ve worked hard to build your veterinarian business and it’s important to protect it with the right insurance company. With thorough research you’ll find an insurance company to provide you with the coverage that you need for your company. Enter your ZIP code below to get started in your search for FREE.

Compare Insurance Quotes!

Compare Quotes from Top Companies and Save

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