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What health insurance can I buy online now?

Woman buys health insurance online nowYou can buy health insurance online now from all of the top health insurance carriers. Sometimes approval can be obtained in less than fifteen minutes. Other times there may be some additional information required before the application can be approved.

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Technology today makes it easy to buy health insurance, offering a convenient way to shop for different plans with better prices. Since most health insurance can be purchased online it is very easy to find the best coverage to suit your needs at a price that fits your budget.

The Benefits of Shopping for Health Insurance Online

Shopping for health insurance online is convenient and cost effective. You can save a lot of time (and therefore money) by shopping for rates simply using a few keystrokes instead of making multiple phone calls, waiting on hold, and repeating your profile over and over to various health insurance providers.

The other benefit to shopping online is the opportunity to compare rates and benefit coverage without feeling pressured by a sales person. You can take the time to study each plan and truly compare benefits, exclusions, limitations, and various costs, including premiums, deductibles, and co-payment expectations. This allows you to buy the best health coverage you can afford at the lowest price available.

Another benefit to consider with the option of shopping for health insurance online is that you can search for plans based on different needs. For example, you can search for the most popular plans or compare several different plans on the screen at one time.

If you have a doctor that you want to stay with but you are considering changing your health insurance provider, then you may be able to search for insurance plans that use the same network to which your doctor belongs. By using the technology that is available, you can find exactly what you need without ever leaving your house.

How to Buy Health Insurance Online

Before you buy a policy online be sure to compare multiple health insurance quotes from different carriers. Many websites let you complete a preliminary application form in order to provide you with an accurate quote and then from there you can simply purchase the plan you want. A multiple quote tool like the one on this page lets you get many quotes with less work.

The profile questions you will be asked in order to buy health insurance online are pretty standard. You will need to honestly answer questions about your age, gender, and tobacco use. Smokers will always pay a higher rate of premiums on health insurance and life insurance, but you have to be honest. Any medical condition that develops either directly or indirectly as a cause of smoking will void your insurance if you lie about being a smoker.

If you are looking for family insurance you will also need to input the age of your spouse and any children that will be on the policy. You may also be asked for your height, weight, and any health conditions you may have. Health insurance applications are very personal in nature because the condition of your health will weigh heavily on the premiums that you will pay. A person with a history of medical conditions will pay a higher premium than someone who rarely gets ill. Pre-existing conditions will also be subject to health insurance exclusions.

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Choosing Health Insurance Online

When reviewing your options for health insurance online, remember to review all of the basics of each quote so that you are getting a true comparison of benefits. You can look at different plan types, but when comparing quotes one to the other make sure they are for the same plan types. For example, don’t compare a PPO plan to a HMO plan. Compare a PPO plan to a PPO plan and a HMO plan to a HMO plan so that your review is just.

The deductible and co-insurance will also be a big deciding factor on which plan you buy. If you get two plans with the same coverage and the same deductible but one has a co-pay of 70/30 and the other one has a co-pay of 80/20, then the 80/20 plan would be cheaper for you on out of pocket insurance costs.

However, the premium may be much higher and negate the potential cost savings you could receive. Part of this will depend on how often you frequent the doctor’s office. Your medical history can help you determine which type of coverage is better for your situation.

When you apply for health insurance online you will be notified of your approval status in a short time, usually within the hour. If you are denied for any reason you will be able to call a customer service representative to review your profile questions and reevaluate your application. Just because you are denied health insurance by one provider does not mean you will be denied by another. Take advantage of the online benefits.

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