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What is assigned risk auto insurance?

Assigned Risk Auto InsuranceAssigned risk auto insurance is special coverage for high-risk category drivers. Every state, but New Hampshire, requires drivers to have a minimum amount of car insurance before they are legally allowed to drive their own car.

Even in New Hampshire you must be able to provide proof your financially ability to cover damage you cause before you are allowed to drive.

Many of those insured drivers have had a large number of accidents, tickets or other factors which makes them harder to insure. Assigned risk auto insurance is an option for these drivers.

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What puts someone in the high risk driver category?

Your inclusion in the high risk driver category can be due to numerous statistics that insurance companies collect in order determine your status as an “average driver.” You are considered a high risk driver if you:

  1. Are a male driver under the age of 25
  2. Have racked up numerous speeding tickets
  3. Have received DUI tickets
  4. Drive a high risk vehicle like a motorcycle
  5. Have a low credit score

As a high risk driver there are many auto insurance companies that will refuse to write a policy for you. They simply don’t feel that you are worth the risk. Assigned risk car insurance is the solution to this problem.

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When is assigned risk car insurance available?

Assigned risk car insurance is required when you have been turned down repeatedly (usually 3 times or more) by insurance companies for regular car insurance. At this point you must turn to the state’s designated insurance program that is required accept you and insure you by law. This is usually considered as a last resort, as you will have to buy the minimum insurance required by law. You will be paying high premiums for the privilege of driving, depending on your level of risk. This option will give you the chance to improve your driving record or other circumstances so that you can get off the high-risk list, and back to normal coverage.

If you need to look into assigned risk coverage then you can talk to an insurance agent or contact your local department of motor vehicles for more information. If you have been turned down by more than three different insurance companies you, or your agent, you must fill out special forms that will be sent to the state informing them of your need for high-risk coverage. If you do not want to wait for this process, you can find your local state’s main insurance office and try speaking to them directly.

Who writes assigned risk policies?

Once you have been entered in for an assigned risk policy you will be randomly assigned by the state to an insurance company that must insure you. Every car insurance company that does business in each state must take part in the state’s assigned risk program. The volume of business that each company does determines just how many assigned risk drivers they will have to take on. This option makes sure that every driver has a chance to improve his/her record and keep driving.

Statistics such as your gender, where you live, and your type of car, will still play a role in determining premium price. Your personal premium rate will be determined by your driving record as well. If you have had numerous tickets and accidents then you will be paying premiums that reflect this. Driving record matters! Car “karma” has a way of taking a big bite out of your wallet.

Do not give up hope. Things change daily in the insurance industry, so you can keep applying to see if you can get a normal policy at any given time. If fact, industry experts from the Department of Insurance recommend that consumers compare their current rates against other policies annually.

If all else fails, at least you know that you can fall back on your state’s assigned risk policies. Be sure you keep up your research in the mean time so that once you have a clean driving record you will be able to find a plan that suits your needs better. Drive legally and safely and get yourself off that high-risk list.

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