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What pre-existing conditions can cause me to get denied long term care insurance?

Pre-existing conditions can deny long term care insuranceIf you are looking for long term care insurance, you may be wondering what pre-existing conditions can cause you to get denied long term care insurance. This is a good question since the whole point of long term care insurance is to provide coverage for long term care due to disease, disablement, or age.

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The answer to this question will vary from company to company but the majority of companies will deny long term care insurance to individuals with debilitating diseases such as AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease or to individuals who already need help with daily activities or have cancer that has metastasized or have had a stroke in the last two years.

The following article will provide additional information about long term care insurance and pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing Condition Guidelines

A pre-existing condition is any medical condition that has been diagnosed or treated by a doctor prior to the application for insurance. As stated above, long term care insurance will typically be denied altogether for individuals with many different types of medical needs.

For many companies, this also includes individuals with diseases or disabilities that cause them to need a wheelchair or a walker. This is because long term care insurance is meant to already be in place when the need arises and not to be purchased after the long term care is needed. Insurance companies do not want to write policies for individuals they know they will lose money on.

The good thing is that not all pre-existing conditions deny someone long term care altogether. Many people are surprised to find out that cancer does not exclude you from being accepted by a long term care insurance company.

As long as the type of cancer you have has not spread beyond the original place it was diagnosed, you can still qualify for long term care coverage. This is true of other disease or disabilities that have a high likelihood of being temporary, curable, or going into remission.

Certain conditions may just put a delay on your long term care benefits or require you to have a waiting period but not deny you coverage altogether. For pre-existing conditions, there is typically a six month waiting period. This means that if the insurance company accepted your application and writes a policy for you, the benefits of that policy will not begin regarding your pre-existing condition until the sixth month waiting period is up.

For example, if cancer is your pre-existing condition, you would not be able to receive long term care for cancer until your waiting period is up. However, if the cancer caused you to get pneumonia that needed long term care, you could receive that care after a standard 90 day waiting period.

The new healthcare law that just passed, best known as ObamaCare, has some promising changes regarding pre-existing condition clauses. These pre-existing clauses are to be removed entirely from health insurance by the year 2011.

Unfortunately, the law does not yet reach to long term care insurance pre-existing conditions. This is due to the very nature and purpose of long term care in that the majority of individuals seeking long term care insurance already have a pre-existing condition. However, many legislators are trying to have the idea of pre-existing conditions removed from all insurances so the possibility of them being removed entirely still exists.

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How can I find a long term care insurance company?

Long term care insurance is easy to find. There are many insurance companies that carry multiple types of insurance and these companies can develop an overall insurance portfolio for you. There are also many insurance companies that specialize only in long term care insurance policies. Either type of company will be able to provide you with specific information and different choices of policy types for long term care insurance.

One of the best ways to compare these companies is to use the online comparison tool on this web site. This unbiased insurance rates tool allows you to enter your information one time.

After you do this, you will receive rates and quotes from several companies so you can compare what each company has to offer side by side. It is important to note that comparing prices and companies is still one of the best ways to save money on long term care insurance or any other type of insurance.

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