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Where can I get home and business insurance?

home and business insuranceThe question “Where can I get home and business insurance?” can be answered with thorough research to uncover the answer. The competitive marketplace provides plenty of places to purchase business insurance and home insurance.

There are multiple choices, and picking the right insurer can be confusing for the uninformed. What’s really important is not selecting one company over another, but rather assessing the business needs and doing the research before making a financial commitment.

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How to Choose the Right Business Insurance

One way of selecting business insurance is to go online. A number of websites offer several different types of product, such as general liability as well as small business health, car and life insurance. Business owners can enter details of their business to generate a custom quote.

Another way to find the right insurer is by networking with other business associates for a recommendation. Word of mouth advertising is the best kind, and good business insurance agencies will be able to attract new customers through referrals from existing happy customers.

The Business Protection Provided

All companies need business insurance to protect them against cases of of accident or theft, but reading and deciphering the technical language in the policy can seem daunting. Becoming educated on the types of coverage can help bring things into focus and narrow down the selection process. The types of business insurance can be divided into four categories; property, liability, people and income.


business property insurance

Property and casualty policies offer protection against loss. Most business property insurance plans guard against damage from fire, electrical surges and even employee embezzlement.


Liability coverage aids in avoiding any chance of the business being held responsible for an injury. If the business is the type that comes into frequent contact with public, the need for liability coverage is even more important.


In the “people” category, businesses need workers compensation insurance to protect its employees. Workers comp insurance is required by state law, and businesses without it could take a big hit should an employee be injured.


Income insurance helps in case of loss of income necessary to continue operations and keep the doors open. In case of disaster a business interruption policy provides income until the company gets back on its feet.

Other Types of Policies

Other important types of coverage also include business owners policies (BOP) as well as insurance for businesses being operated out of the home.


BOP policies include property, business interruption and crime insurance, casualty or liability protection and vehicle coverage. Many such packages automatically include business income and extra expense coverage.

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– Home Based Business

In the case of a home-based business, basic homeowner’s insurance does not provide enough protection. Because of that, the business owner would either need to add a rider to the existing homeowner’s policy or purchase a separate business insurance policy.

How to Choose the Best Home Insurance

Shop around by asking friends and neighbors, checking the Yellow Pages or contacting the state insurance department. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners also has information useful in choosing an insurer by state, including complaints filed. States make information available on rates major insurers typically charge, and many states list the frequency of consumer complaints by company.

Also check consumer guides and online quotes, to get an idea which companies have the lowest prices. But don’t depend on price alone. The best bargain is a fair price for promptly delivering quality service in case a claim needs to be filed.

Checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) also helps to make an informed decision. Many businesses are BBB accredited, but many are fine even if they are not accredited. Some accredited insurers have complaints listed against them, but still have a favorable BBB rating. Consumers looking for a reputable home insurance provider can research online to check if a particular agency has any complaints against them listed.

Getting multiple insurance quotes is a good way to compare rates. There’s always the old-fashioned way of contacting each agent individually, but a less time-consuming way is to hop on the Internet to get several different home insurance quotes at once. A number of websites offer that convenience. Homes with deadbolts, fire extinguishers and security alarms qualify for a discount. Insurers also offer discounts on home insurance when bundled with other types of insurance, such as life and auto.

Other Types of Home Insurance

Condominiums and townhomes also need coverage, but condo owners’ insurance needs differ from homeowners or renters. A form HO-6, the form used for a condo insurance policy, provides just the right amount of protection. When shopping around, some experts recommend reviewing some key elements before buying:

1. Find out what the ownership and insurance regulations in the condo association’s Master Deed say. The Master Deed spells out the insurance requirements the association expects from the owner.

2. Ask if the policy being considered includes all-inclusive water damage coverage for problems such as sewer and drain backups. Water damage can cost big bucks.

3. Check to determine if the condo association provides any type of comprehensive coverage to protect against other condo owners who may have inadequate coverage.

4. If you have personal items such as jewelry, furs or any other expensive items for which additional personal property coverage is needed, pay special attention to the condo insurance policy. Paying extra to purchase coverage for your valuables upfront could save money in replacement costs in the long run.

Over time, homeowners’ insurance needs can change. For example, in cases where the home increases in value after a few years, more insurance will be needed. To keep up, it’s a good idea to meet with your agent periodically for an insurance review.

Finding the Right Policy

Consider all the facts when shopping around for business and home insurance. No need to be intimidated by all the research and comparisons needed before making a decision. Carefully analyzing all the pros and cons will help find just the right policy to fit your needs. Start comparing insurance rates today by entering your zip code into the quote comparison tool below!

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